Hungering Destroyer | Brewmaster Guide

by Dec 15, 2020


Tank the boss close to the center of the room, just a bit closer to the front of the room, so that he can easily be dragged to the front for Consume.

The boss will be positioned in between four markers, with tanks and ranged assigned to Orange and Star, and melee in the back so they don’t get parried.

The four players that get Gluttonous Miasma will move to their assigned markers and everyone else will stand just outside of the circle, dipping in any time their health drops low, or before a mechanic to make sure that they are topped.

Be very careful as a tank how many stacks you are getting from soaking Miasma, as it starts to hurt considerably, and this boss slaps. Don’t worry too much about dropping stacks during the phase, just make sure that you drop during or after every Consume. These stacks are similar to the stacks from the lantern on Shriekwing– you don’t need to drop them constantly, just make sure you’re only standing in the Miasma when necessary.


Don’t stack on the Miasma player if they are full health!! It’s easy to get caught up in soaking and take way too many stacks because you’re paying attention to other things. Make sure you are only soaking if they are very low health, or not topped up before a mechanic like Desolate or Expunge.



We will need to taunt swap the boss every 2-4 stacks of the Growing Hunger buff on the boss from Hungering Strikes. Taunting every Overwhelm works fairly well as a general rule, but sometimes he will cast other abilities in between Overwhelms and gain more stacks than ideal, so be ready to taunt in between the Overwhelms if stacks get to 4. Do not let stacks get higher than 4. It’s often, so make sure you’re always watching stacks.

One of the tanks should taunt right when Expunge goes out, and the other should run as far out to the edge of the room as possible with the rest of the raid. The only orb that should be soaked is the one from the tank that holds the boss. Be careful soaking if this is your orbYou don’t have to soak right away, you can wait and do it once your cotank has the boss and you are healthy. If you are running out for Expunge, make sure you roll back in and taunt immediately, as the boss will usually have 4-5 stacks by the time Expunge goes off.


Be ready for how much damage this boss does to us. This is a very intensive healer fight, and healers will be distracted at many points. That usually means us bleeding out for a bit, due to our healer dependency with the nature of Stagger. Call for externals before Overwhelm if you are not topped up. This gets more and more important as the fight goes on. If possible, try to avoid being the tank that holds the boss during Expunge, as we don’t handle it well.


Volatile Ejections should be brought in between markers. It’s very easy to get hit by these as a tank, especially if you’re trying to avoid gaining extra stacks from the Miasma player. If you’re standing in between markers, make sure you’re either watching for players with Ejections, or moving onto the markers just for a second when the ability goes off, then back out.

Ideally one Ejection goes between each set of markers, but there is enough room for two. Just be careful with this, as it’s easy to get clipped by both if you’re too far into the boss’s hit-box.

Set a DBM or BigWigs audible countdown timer for Consume, and set a Transcendence in the very front of the room. A good time to set it is by running out to that location for one of the first two Expunges.

When the timer hits 3, Transcendence to the front of the room and speed-taunt the boss as he is finishing casting Volatile Ejection. Don’t taunt too early, as he won’t move until the cast finishes. Dragging him to the front like this makes it considerably easier for the raid to get out of Consume, and ensures no one gets caught in it for the first tick.

After speed-taunting the boss over, roll out and be ready to take the Warlock gate to the safe spot. If you don’t have a warlock gate, make sure you save all your movement. That means both charges of Roll/Torpedo, and Tiger’s Lust if talented.

If using a Warlock gate, it is HIGHLY recommended to set the gate as a focus (usually before the fight begins) and keybind “Interact with Mouseover.” Then mouseover your focus, and press this bind to take the gate. For some reason, it is extremely difficult to actually click the gate while Consume is casting.

WeakAuras/AddOns : This will put a yell bubble above the Miasma-debuffed players’ head that announces their health percentage every two seconds. While it may seem annoying, it is extremely helpful for determining when to soak easily.


In addition, make sure that your Raid Leader, or someone with Assist has the “Gluttonous Miasma Marker” option enabled in BigWigs or DBM, and that the markers you are using match the ones listed.