Stone Legion Generals | Brewmaster Guide

by Jan 31, 2021

Phase 1

We start Phase 1 with Kaal just about in the center of the room, and the Goliath just a little behind, and to the right, of Kaal. Note that the Goliath does not parry melee attacks, so feel free to turn it towards the melee group. Keep it just a little on the right side so that Wicked Blade can get brought out to the left side without hitting anyone.

It is strongly recommended that we take the Goliath and Skirmishers as Brewmasters, both because it is easy for us to AoE taunt the adds using our Black Ox Statue, and because Brewmaster does not handle the Serrated Tear from Kaal very well. Always single taunt the Goliath when it spawns, as anyone else ripping threat on the Goliath is very bad. Then, when the skirmishers spawn, put down Dave and AoE taunt. Make sure that you call that you are taunting, so that your cotank can immediately taunt Kaal back.

Your cotank can hold Kaal the entire time by clearing in every Crystalize, just make sure they have some sort of mitigation rolling while they are stunned.

Our only main concern in Phase 1 is keeping threat on the adds, and staying alive during Soultaint Effigy. The first Goliath should die fairly quickly, and there is very little else going on during it. The second Goliath, however, can overlap with winds and/or Crystalize depending on your push timing, and can stay alive for long enough that we may start to bleed out to stagger. Make sure you either use Celestial Brew right when the Goliath hits 30%, or an external or cooldown like Fortifying Brew during this healing-immune. I like to use Fortifying Brew on the second Goliath soultaint, as it is back up for late Phase 2 or 2nd Intermission.

1st Intermission

Once Kaal is pushed to 50%, head to the back of the room and put down your Black Ox Statue. You will be tanking the Goliath on the very edge of the room, and letting Dave hold all the Commandos as they run in. It’s important that your healers know that they need to keep the statue alive by healing it, so make sure they have it focused. Your DPS will also need to know how to angle themselves as each new add is running in, so that it runs through Dave, and the statue grabs aggro on it.


Don’t panic if it takes the statue a second to taunt a Commando off of a DPS, as the Commandos do very little damage and can easily be tanked by a DPS. The main point here is just that all of the Commandos get grouped up out of cleave range, so that they don’t die early while your raid is getting the Goliath low and ready for the burn.


Once the 5th Commando drops, bring the Goliath on top of the Commando stack and AoE taunt everything. Your raid will pop CDs and burn everything. Be really careful when everything starts dying, as they will drop Anima Orbs. While it’s not really a big deal if you pick one up, it’s ideal for the tank to get the very last one, so take a few steps back as everything is dying and try to avoid accidentally picking up one of the early orbs.

After the 5 Commandos and the Goliath die, you will continue to taunt the new Commandos one by one as they run into the group. All of the people that picked up orbs will dunk them one by one, and there should be a Warlock Gate going from where the group is stacked to the circle around Prince Renethal. It’s important to continue to stay close to the edge of the room, as each time someone dunks an orb there will be a massive knockback that will knock you off the platform if you accidentally get in range of it. As a general rule of thumb, try to just stand behind the warlock gate. It is a great idea to place a “safety” transcendence in this phase in case you do accidentally get knocked at any point.

After the 7th Commando dies, the entire raid will run to the corner and you will pick up the last orb and dunk it. Try to get knocked towards the corner when you dunk.

Phase 2

At the start of the phase, have your cotank grab Grashaal. This is just so that you can run to the Goliath right when it drops and grab it, because you won’t single taunt it when it drops.

Since any other tank handles the healing immune better than Brewmaster thanks to the nature of Stagger, we want to make sure that we are never tanking the boss during Soultaint. When the first set of adds spawn at the start of Phase 2, wait until the Goliath drops as well, then AoE taunt everything once it is in range. Your cotank will not taunt Grashaal back here. Take one Stone Fist, then have your cotank grab Grashaal, while you still hold all the adds.

After that first Stone Fist, you will swap on every 2 stacks. This makes it so that you should never be tanking Grashaal during Soultaint. On your second time tanking Grashaal (the first time you reach two stacks) the adds will spawn right before you get your second stack. AoE taunt everything, then have your cotank taunt Grashaal once Stone Fist has gone off.

Try to make sure you have something, either an external or a cooldown, for each Goliath, and use it when the Goliath damage ramp starts to hurt. Usually around 40% health to 30% when it pushes is a really scary period. Try to use Dampen Harm or externals here.

2nd Intermission

Tank the Goliath right where it spawns and place your statue down pretty much right where you are. All we’re doing for the first part of this phase is keeping everything nice and grouped, and making sure nothing gets pushed too quickly.

You will use the majority of your remaining cooldowns and externals in this phase. The moment the Goliath starts to hurt or put you in significant stagger levels, start chaining them, saving your strongest for last. A good recommendation is Fort Brew, into a medium external like Blessing of Sacrifice from a paladin, into something very strong like Pain Suppression. Make sure you have something rolling all the way until the Goliath pushes. It’s very easy for your raid to call the burn, you think that you’re safe, and get meleed one last time before the Goliath actually hits 30% and get killed.

As soon as the initial burn is finished, taunt Grashaal, as your cotank will have 4 stacks at this point. From here, you should grab all the Commandos as they drop, and your cotank should taunt 1 commando in at a time and kill it, until dunking the final orb and pushing the phase.

Phase 3

There’s not too terribly much that’s tank specific to worry about in the last phase, other than staying alive. Try to get threat on the Skirmishers immediately when they spawn, but you shouldn’t need to AoE taunt them, they can be split between you and your cotank. The first set should melt within DPS cooldowns, and the second set should be ignored.

You will continue taunting on 2 stacks of Stone Fist. When tanking Kaal, stand in every Crystalize to clear stacks. Make sure you use something like Celestial Brew, or call an external so that you don’t die while stunned.

Be very aware of the Wicked Blade when tanking Kaal in the last phase. There’s a lot going on and it’s so easy for the raid to get hit by the blade. Try to move her diagonally, to the back left, whenever the blade is going off, so that as it comes back in, she moves out slightly and it can’t cleave and melee.