Sun King’s Salvation | Brewmaster Guide

by Nov 16, 2020

Overview and Positioning

Take Ring of Peace for this fight. It may be tempting to take Summon Black Ox Statue as this seems like more of an “add control” fight, but we shouldn’t ever be in a position where we need an AoE taunt on the adds, and Ring is used extensively for control of the Phoenixes.

These are the markers we will be referencing for positioning. Markers such as Moon and Diamond will likely not actually be placed on the ground in your raid, as you will need four markers for pedestals. Just make note of the general positioning.

We’ll be covering positioning for the First Shade of Kael’thas being brought to the back corner of the room. You can also start in the front corner, and work backwards. Follow the positioning that your raid leader has chosen to do. Everything we’ll cover is very similar whether you start at the front or back, you’re simply changing the direction that you are moving in.

Heal Phase 1

We start the fight with High Torturer Darithos, two Bleakwing Assassins, and six Vile Occultists.

There are no relevant tank adds in the first phase. Open by Keg Smashing the three adds in the middle and pulling them back just a little, to Moon. The six Occultists should be interrupted by the raid and gripped or knocked in by Death Grip, Abomination Limb, Typhoons, etc. These adds should absolutely get destroyed, so don’t worry too much about them. If your cotank cannot offheal, have them get threat and spam Vivifies on Shade. Click a pedestal when one is available. If your cotank is a Guardian Druid or Protection Paladin, you should get threat so they can heal.

You should aim to skip the first Vanquisher spawn. While not impossible to tank the Vanquisher while Shade is down, it definitely complicates things, especially going out of that phase as the Vanquisher will likely still be alive when a new one spawns. If you raid can quickly nuke the first one down, it is recoverable, but your goal as a raid should be phasing the boss before the first Vanquisher spawns.

First Shade of Kael-thas

This is the main “boss” that we will be dealing with, and where positioning will matter the most. We’ll be taunt-swapping on every 2 stacks of Fiery Strike.


As soon as the phase begins, the entire raid will stack up on Orange. The Shade will spawn close to Moon, so be close enough to taunt him and Keg Smash him, then quickly drag him back to Orange. He will cast his first Fiery Strike before you have time to turn him around, so communicate with the raid. Facing the first one slightly to the side of the raid, then positioning him and flipping him around works very well.


Once he is in position, aim to face Fiery Strike directly away from the wall, towards the center of the room. The raid should be in between the boss and the wall. Keep Shade just slightly ahead of the raid stack at all times, so that they can bait Blazing Surge backwards, and not directly at the wall. This will leave room for the raid to move out of it, and not get hit by Fiery Strike as we are dragging the boss.


The raid should always aim to stay as close to the previous fire patches as possible, and bait Ember Blast and Blazing Surge slightly backwards rather than directly into the wall. This phase is mostly about maximizing the space that you have to work with.

At the start of this phase, the Phoenixes should get gripped/knocked to Star, and slowed. Any time they begin to get close to the raid, use Ring of Peace to keep them back. You raid may have a set knock order or call for your Ring of Peace, or just let you use it as you see fit when they get close. Try to knock them straight back, without spreading them apart.

Slowly drag the Shade along the wall, moving every time an Ember Blast/Blazing Surge causes the raid to move. Aim to always keep the boss slightly ahead of the raid while moving along the wall. Use the entire wall, don’t turn in at any point. You can keep going all the way into the front corner, past the pedestals.

Heal Phase 2

Our main concern in this phase is tanking the Rockbound Vanquishers, which will be casting Vanquishing Strike, leaving a stacking bleed. Try to taunt swap on 2-3 stacks. We should pick up the Vanquisher first, and hold it for as long as we can, as the Strike can be dodged. Try to Blackout Kick during the cast, as it can help increase your dodge change just before the Strike.

Tank the Vanquishers and any adds that spawn on X for the majority of the phase, until the Soul Infusers spawn. X should be our home base in this phase, but any time Soul Infusers come out, drag any other adds over to them and focus them down.

Second Shade of Kael’Thas

When this Shade spawns, drag it to the front corner of the room, on Diamond. You’ll still slowly kite it across the wall as fire drops, but we’re a little less concerned with fire here as there isn’t another phase after this one, so you can use every bit of the room left. The big concern here is making sure that the shields get damaged through with all the extra adds that might still be up going into this phase. You can use Touch of Death on one of the shields to help burn through it.

You will have a Vanquisher alive in this phase, so every time you taunt swap the Shade, have the offtank taunt the Vanquisher.

Aside from the Vanquisher and a few extra phoenixes, this phase is largely the same as the first Shade. Don’t forget to use Ring of Peace to keep the phoenixes back.