De Other Side | Brewmaster Guide

by Nov 8, 2020

Welcome to the Brewmaster Guide to De Other Side! This guide will cover notable trash mobs and abilities as well as Brewmaster-specific boss strategies and tips. It is important to note that these guides are meant to be an entry into mid-higher level keystones from a Brewmaster-only perspective. They are by no means a comprehensive guide of every mechanic or ability that you will find in a dungeon, but instead offer need-to-know information for a Brewmaster wanting to get into pushing higher key levels. For a more complete, beginner-friendly overview of this dungeon, check out De Other Side Strategy Guide on Wowhead.

Inner Ring

Risen Warlord – Casts Undying Rage, which is a 100% damage increase rage. Be prepared to use Celestial Brew/kite when this goes off.

It will also cast Reaver, creating an image of itself that charges towards another party member and does a stationary Bladestorm-like ability.

Death Speaker – Casts Death’s Embrace, interrupt or let your mage spellsteal this buff from an enemy.

This mob does a LOT of magic damage to us. It will spam Shadowcore on the tank. Use any spare interrupts or stops to prevent several from going off in a row.



Risen Cultist – These mobs will cast Dark Lotus, which creates a pattern of purple flowers on the ground that explode and damage anyone standing within them. It is advised to let this cast go off and use interrupts for more important abilites, and simply dodge the mechanic.

Enraged Spirit – Two of these mobs patrol the inner ring. They cast two very dangerous abilities.

The first is Rage, a tantrum-like AoE party damage channel that cannot be stopped.

The second is Enraged Mask, which summons many Enraged Masks, which inflict damage to nearby party members. Drag any enemies you’re fighting with the Spirit away so that party members have plenty of room to dodge the swirls from the Masks.


Atal’ai Devoted – Cast Devoted Sacrifice, which causes the Devoted to morph into a Son of Hakkar. Sons of Hakkar do ramping AoE party damage and leave a pool of blood on the ground upon death. Use Leg Sweep or other crowd-control to stop the Devoted Sacrifice cast.

Atal’ai High Priest – Casts Renew and Heal, both of which need to be interrupted. Renew can also be purged if it goes off.

Atal’ai Deathwalker – Leaves a stacking bleed on the tank called Gushing Wound. Be ready to use Celestial Brew and kite to drop stacks.

Atal’ai Hoodoo Hexer – Hexers have three casts that all need to be interrupted. Hex is lowest priority as the healer can dispel it if needed. Healing Wave is a large heal, and Lightning Discharge is essentially chain lightning to the party. There is only one Hexer in each pack, and it should be focused down first. Hexers cannot be crowd controlled, so avoid pulling more than one at a time.

Hakkar the Soulflayer

The add that spawns, Son of Hakkar, will fixate a party member and does not need to be tanked. Note that they can fixate on you.

Use Celestial Brew for every Piercing Barb, and be ready to use a cooldown if not topped up. It is both physical and magic damage, so don’t rely on stagger to keep you alive.



Defunct Dental Drill – Casts Haywire, which does a very large amount of AoE damage to the party. Tank these near pillars so that the party can line-of-sight. You will need to as well.

4.RF-4.RF – This mob does a lot of tank damage in the form of Metallic Jaws. This is a good use of a Fort Brew or Invoke Niuzao.

Headless Client – Stun, Paralyze, Ring, or otherwise crowd-control the Spinning Up cast.

Lubricator – Interrupt Lubricate and Self-Cleaning Cycle. Each Lubricator requires a two-interrupt rotation, but the casts can be stunned/crowd-controlled and will not immediately re-cast.




You can use Ring of Peace to create a gap in the Experimental Sludges.

The Manastorms

Open by taunting Millhouse, as Millificent will jump away.

Intercept the purple beam from the crystals if needed. They do damage to you, but also give you a damage buff. We want these to go on DPS ideally, for more boss damage, but if they start to take too much damage, be ready to step in.

Be ready to use Celestial Brew and/or cooldowns if needed for Millificent’s Buzz Saw bleed.



Stand just outside of the Shadowfury circle so that it gets placed on Millificent to stun her, but doesn’t stun you as well.


Spriggan Barkbinder – Interrupt Bark Armor.

Territorial Bladebeak – Cast Beak Slice on the tank, which gets very dangerous when it starts to stack high. This debuff lasts a long time, so be careful to let it drop before engaging the next pack if you’re pulling more Bladebeaks.

Bladebeak Matriarch – Be careful pulling too many of these. They cannot be stopped by any crowd-control, so it can be difficult when you need to kite them. They do a lot of tank damage with Enrage, and cast the same Beak Slice as the Territorial Bladebeak.


Mythresh, Sky’s Talons – We recommend skipping this mob, as it is not very efficient in terms of count, and has a frequent, melee fear that sucks the party into it and can be difficult for slower classes to get out of. You can simply walk around it to the left side.

In the area surrounding the dragon, there are four packs of stealthed Spriggans, with three Spriggans in each (12 total). Run by each of these locations with Rushing Jade Wind/Spinning Crane Kick to pull them out and make sure they don’t surprise any of your party members as you are walking by the dragon.

Dealer Xy’exa

This boss has a lot going on, and can feel very hectic. 

Managing Arcane Lightning will be the main thing that makes or breaks teams when this boss is done on higher keys. As the tank, you’ll probably get stuck calling out the mechanic. Just look for the people that have it and the people that don’t, and help call who they need to pass it off to, to make things easier on the party.

Don’t forget that as Brew, if the party messes up and someone hits one of the Displacement Traps early, you can stay down and use Celestial Brew and/or Zen Meditation to survive Explosive Contrivance if absolutely necessary.


This boss does a lot of tank damage. The main thing we’ll be worrying about is surviving Soul Crusher. We will not be able to use Celestial Brew for every Soul Crusher, as there are usually five per phase. Be ready to use a cooldown if you are not topped or your healer is falling behind.

Getting hit by any of Mueh’zala’s Master of Death combo is almost a guaranteed death sentence for us, since the DoT left from it will combo with Soul Crusher. Be ready for it, particularly when he raises both arms and we have to leave melee range. Be ready to get back into melee range quickly, as there’s a pretty small window we have to get back in before he starts casting Crush.

Brewmaster can and absolutely should solo one of the adds with Touch of Death in the first Shattered Reality phase. Just make sure that your team knows that the second time around, you will not be able to solo it again as ToD will still be on cooldown.