Sanguine Depths | Brewmaster Guide

by Nov 8, 2020

Welcome to the Brewmaster Guide to Sanguine Depths! This guide will cover notable trash mobs and abilities as well as Brewmaster-specific boss strategies and tips. It is important to note that these guides are meant to be an entry into mid-higher level keystones from a Brewmaster-only perspective. They are by no means a comprehensive guide of every mechanic or ability that you will find in a dungeon, but instead offer need-to-know information for a Brewmaster wanting to get into pushing higher key levels. For a more complete, beginner-friendly overview of this dungeon, check out the Sanguine Depths Dungeon Strategy Guide on Wowhead.

First Wing

Noble Skirmisher – Casts Animate Weapon.

Animated Weapons do HIGH magic damage on the tank.

Can stop cast by Paralysis, Leg Sweep, Ring of Peace, or Crowd-Control from other party members.

Regal Mistdancer

Casts Echoing Thrust.

Echoing Thrust is a frontal that will leave behind an echo. Every time the ability is cast, all echoes will frontal as well as the Mistdancer.

A good strategy to handle this ability is to put your DPS and healer in the middle, and rotate the Mistdancer around in a circle, facing the outside.

If you have plenty of room in front of or behind the pack, you can also slowly kite the pack and place the echoes in a line, facing the wall, as shown.

Insatiable Brute

Casts Umbral Crash.

The Brute will target a party member and leap to their location. During the cast, there will be a large blue swirl under the party member before he leaps.

The crash does high AoE party damage, so do not pull more than one of these at a time.

Kryxis the Voracious

This boss has a few notable abilities for us to deal with as tanks.

The first is Vicious Headbutt. It’s a pretty standard tank buster, the key here is that it knocks back. You can get knocked off the platform, so make sure that you’re positioned to get knocked somewhere safe when this ability comes out.

Second is Juggernaut Rush. The boss will target a player and charge towards them in a line, splitting damage amongst all players hit. It’s important that all party members soak this mechanic.

The biggest thing you’ll have to worry about as a tank is Severing Smash. This will knock back all players and create an orb of Living Essence. These orbs will travel towards the boss and will heal Kryxis (a lot!) and increase his damage done for 8 seconds, stacking. Players can soak the orbs, but it will do a burst of damage to the party. On lower key levels, positioning won’t matter too much as you can soak all the orbs relatively quickly, before they reach the boss. On higher key levels however, it’s going to be important how we position to handle this mechanic.

When Kryxis casts Juggernaut Rush towards the party, don’t bring him back to the doorway where he spawns. Instead, pull him through the group, and have your party drop their orbs from Severing Smash at the doorway. This way, you have the entire room to kite the orbs.


Second Wing

Chamber Sentinel

Casts Severing Slice.

Frontal Cone that applies a 10 second bleed.

Brewmasters can (and should!) roll/torpedo backwards during the cast and avoid the bleed, just don’t turn him towards your party members!

Wicked Oppressor – Casts Curse of Suppression which applies a curse to a party member that will silence them for 5 seconds.

Assign one melee kick per Oppressor. Most packs will contain two Oppressors.


Grand Overseer – This mob has an aura called Overbearing Presence which applies a stacking debuff to every party member that reduces damage and healing done by 3% per stack.

Always focus down this target.


Depths Warden –  Barbed Shackles will root a player for 10 seconds and apply a DoT. This is a great use for Tiger’s Lust to help break these, as there are a lot of ground effects happening in these packs that can kill a rooted party member.


Vestige of DoubtGrowing Mistrust will leave behind pools of blood on the ground that deal damage to anyone within them. These will require you to kite frequently. Try to find places to LoS mobs towards you any time you’re fighting a pack with Vestiges in it, as these packs usually contain Research Scribes that will spam Throw Research, preventing them from moving. Having spots to LoS these mobs back is important to get them out of the Growing Mistrust pools.

Executor Tarvold

This is a relatively simple boss for us, but very easy to wipe on if the party does not know how to handle the mechanics.

Upon pulling the boss, two Orbs of Anima will begin circling the platform, one towards the inside of the ring, and one towards the outside. Coming in contact with these orbs does a small burst of damage, but leaves a nasty 12 second DoT and haste reduction. Handling these as a tank is very easy. Tank Tarvold along the outside wall. Wait for the inner anima orb to pass by the party, then move to the inner wall. Once the outer anima orb has passed by, move back to the outside. Rinse and repeat.

The only other thing we have to worry about as tanks are the Fleeting Manifestations. These adds do a lot of damage to the party every second that they are alive. Every party member must turn to the add and focus it every time it comes up. When your DPS are out of cd’s/damage for the add, use Touch of Death to keep it from staying up too long. Touch of Death will instantly/almost instantly kill this add, so communicate with your party when they need you to use it. When the add dies, it will leave behind a blood pool. The size of this pool is increased depending on how long the add was up. Be ready to move the boss out, and try to anticipate the size based on how long the add was alive.

Grand Proctor Beryllia

This boss is the healer check of Shadowlands, but quite simple for us. There are only two main abilities that affect us as tanks.

Iron Spikes is our tank buster, use Celestial Brew for it. Not much more to say here.

Rite of Supremacy is a big AoE blast that will do a ton of damage to the party. During the cast, there will be small golden orbs on the ground that give a damage reduction buff. Each orb gives you 20% DR. Ideally, every party member should get 4-5 orbs. However, we don’t have a very long time to pick them up, so it can be difficult for everyone to get to 4 without running out of orbs in their area. We can help out the party a lot here by taking the bare minimum of orbs (this should be one on lower keys, two on higher, but obviously we’ll have to feel this out with time/gear/key level). Since we are also a high mobility class, we should be the ones rolling to the back corner of the room and getting the orbs out of reach of the rest of the party. This can take a lot of stress off everyone else.

Very soon after this burst of damage, Beryllia will channel Endless Torment, which will do even more damage in large waves. Try and help out your healer by throwing out a few Vivifies to get everyone topped up between Rite of Supremacy and Endless Torment, if they need it. Anything we can do to help alleviate some of the stress on the healer will go a long way on this boss.

Third Wing

Make sure to pick up Z’rali’s essence after the third boss. It will give you an extra action button that can be used to create a barrier, reducing damage taken by 65% to all party members that stand inside. This will be used for a mechanic on the last boss, but it can be used in the first two trash packs as a defensive, before engaging the boss.


There are no new trash mobs here, the trash is mostly comprised of the mobs from the First Wing.

General Kaal



The boss will be standing in the middle of a trash pack when you first engage him. You will have to reduce his health to 90% before he will move on to the next pack, and will continue to summon Gargons until he reaches 90%.

When he reaches 100 energy, he will cast Gloom Squall. Use your extra-action button to drop Z’rali’s essence, and make sure you’re positioned in a spot where your entire party can quickly get in.

Repeat for the next two trash packs, until you reduce his health to 70%, where he will run to the final platform. There will be two more small trash packs to kill before reaching him.



The boss will only do two main abilities that you need to worry about as a tank.

The first is Piercing Blur. This will split the platform into thirds, and an image of Kaal will rush through each portion, one at a time. Wherever the first image spawns, simply stand just to the edge of it, and then move in once it’s clear so you’re safe for the other two. The only tricky part here is staying out of the way of your two party members targeted with Wicked Rush, as these two abilities overlap.

The last, and most important thing that we are responsible for, is the essence. The boss will still cast Gloom Squall at 100 energy, but this time anyone not standing in the barrier will get knocked back off the platform and killed. The boss will leap away just before the cast. Ideally, follow the boss and drop the barrier in melee so that melee DPS can continue to hit the boss. However, communicate with your party so that they know where to expect it to be dropped, and ranged players can be ready to run into melee range.