The Necrotic Wake | Brewmaster Guide

by Nov 8, 2020

Welcome to the Brewmaster Guide to The Necrotic Wake! This guide will cover notable trash mobs and abilities as well as Brewmaster-specific boss strategies and tips. It is important to note that these guides are meant to be an entry into mid-higher level keystones from a Brewmaster-only perspective. They are by no means a comprehensive guide of every mechanic or ability that you will find in a dungeon, but instead offer need-to-know information for a Brewmaster wanting to get into pushing higher key levels. For a more complete, beginner-friendly overview of this dungeon, check out The Necrotic Wake Strategy Guide on Wowhead.

First Wing

Corpse Harvester – Casts Drain Fluids. The cast can be interrupted, or the channel can be stunned/crowd-controlled to stop it. If you stun the cast, it will recast, so if you don’t have an interrupt you must wait for the channel to start before stunning.

Stitched Vanguard – Casts Meat Shield, which needs to be interrupted. It is on a one-melee kick rotation, and needs to be kicked very quickly for the Vanguard to not gain any absorption shield.

Zolramus Gatekeeper – Channels Wrath of Zolramus, which cannot be interrupted or stunned. This channel does a lot of damage, so it’s advised to avoid these entirely on higher keys. They can be skipped by going right at the start of the dungeon, and clearing space around the back side of the first boss room.


Crunch is our tank buster, use Celestial Brew for it.

Tank the boss as far into the corner of the room as you can get it, and plan your space well for Fetid Gas. You’ll need to kite the boss so the melee can get away from their Carrion Worms, but also maximize the space you have and not pull any extra mobs that were left up in the first area.

Use Leg Sweep, Ring of Peace, and kiting to ensure that no one takes three bites from their Carrion Worms, if they are not simply able to be killed before Carrion Eruption.

Second Wing

Zolramus Sorcerer – Interrupt Shadow Well, or move out of the pool

Zolramus Necromancer –  Every pack with a Necromancer is unique in that all the adds will die when the Necromancer dies. These mobs are usually very dangerous, and only the Necromancer gives count in these packs. It is advised to crowd-control as much of the pack as possible, and single-target the Necromancer down. All of the mobs will still die with the Necromancer if they are crowd-controlled. You do not need to tag any of the other mobs, as they do not give count.

Skeletal Bonemender – Will cast Bonemend, which is minor heal on a nearby mob, very frequently. Interrupt these with spare kicks, but this is not a priority over other things. Just stop as many as you can with interrupts, stuns and crowd-control.

Skeletal Marauder – This is a very dangerous mob. It will cast a large frontal cone called Gruesome Cleave that follows the tank (cannot be sidestepped). In addition, it will cast Rasping Scream, which will fear all party members within 15 yards of the mob. This cast requires two kicks per Marauder, as the cast time is just under a one-kick rotation. If your party runs out of kicks, you can easily torpedo/roll out of the radius of the fear, just be ready for it.

Amarth, The Harvester

Amarth will spam Necrotic Bolts on you. This actually hurts. Assign an interrupt order to stop as many of these as possible, and use Celestial Brew when the party does not have available interrupts.

Amarth will summon 5 adds: Two Mages, two Warriors, and a Crossbowman. The Mages are very dangerous if their Frostbolt Volley cast gets off. Your party should crowd-control these mobs, based on your composition:

  • If you have three crowd-controls that are up for every set of adds (Paralysis is up for every set), CC both Mages and the Crossbowman.
  • If you only have two, and your party is melee-heavy or has plenty of interrupts, CC one Mage and the Crossbowman, and keep an interrupt rotation on the other Mage while you kill it. Use Celestial Brew while the Mage is alive, as the boss will be spamming Necrotic Bolts on you since interrupts will be going to the Mage.
  • If you only have two, and your party is ranged-heavy or does not have many interrupts, CC both Mages and focus down the Crossbowman.

You can leave the adds crowd-controlled permanently, as Amarth will kill them during Final Harvest.

Note: The tooltip currently states that leaving the adds crowd-controlled will inflict additional damage to the party. At the time of writing this, leaving the adds alive does not do any additional damage during Final Harvest. It is unclear if this is a bug, or an error in the tooltip for the ability.

Third Wing


Kyrian Stitchwerk – Casts Tenderize, which leaves a debuff on you increasing physical damgage taken, and stacks. This is very dangerous. Be prepared to kite when your stacks get too high, and be aware that this mob is immune to crowd-control including Ring of Peace.


Corpse Collector – Casts Drain Fluids and Goresplatter. Assign one player to interrupt each cast, but priority goes to Goresplatter, as Drain Fluids can be stopped with crowd-control. If Goresplatter goes off, dispel the disease from one of your party members with Detox.

Flesh Crafter – Casts Throw Cleaver, which cannot be interrupted and will target a player with a red arrow. At the end of the cast it will throw out a meat cleaver, doing a large amount of damage to the first target in the arrow’s path. Ideally your DPS will run this arrow through a mob to damage it, but you can help by positioning a mob in the line of the arrow. It will do damage to whichever target it comes in contact with first, friendly or enemy, so always position a mob in this arrow.

It will also cast Repair Flesh very infrequently. Just be prepared to kick this cast as it will do a huge heal on a nearby mob.

Goregrind – This mob has the same casts as the Stitchwerk, along with Gut Slice, which is a large frontal cone that leaves a nasty bleed to anyone that stands in it. This ability will turn towards a random player and cast, so don’t let your DPS yell at you for “facing it at them.” It is fixed on a location, so you and anyone else can walk out of it.

Surgeon Stitchflesh

Positioning matters on this boss. Keep the Creation close enough to Stitchflesh’s platform that DPS can easily Meat Hook him down, but not so close that Embalming Ichor drops in the area that they need to stand to aim the hook. Start by tanking the Creation to one side, and slowly move across as the ichor drops.

Nalthor the Rimebinder

Tank the boss in the corner of the room so that the person targetted with Frozen Binds can be quickly dispelled. If this circle gets placed in the middle of the room, the entire party will have to move out, whereas if the boss is in a corner or against the wall, melee will already be out of the ranged circle if it goes on them, and ranged will be out of the melee circle if it goes on a melee player.

Tank close to the corner/wall, but make sure that you and any other melee have enough room to move around during Comet Storm. After the Frozen Binds gets dispelled, you can move yourself out of the corner and preposition for Comet Storm. Be ready to run, as it drops very quickly and you will need to start moving immediately to avoid damage. Comet Storm hurts, even for a tank.