Theater of Pain | Brewmaster Guide

by Nov 8, 2020

Welcome to the Brewmaster Guide to Theater of Pain! This guide will cover notable trash mobs and abilities as well as Brewmaster-specific boss strategies and tips. It is important to note that these guides are meant to be an entry into mid-higher level keystones from a Brewmaster-only perspective. They are by no means a comprehensive guide of every mechanic or ability that you will find in a dungeon, but instead offer need-to-know information for a Brewmaster wanting to get into pushing higher key levels. For a more complete, beginner-friendly overview of this dungeon, check out the Theater of Pain Dungeon Strategy Guide on Wowhead.

Start of the Dungeon

Unyielding Contender – Casts Death Wish, a very fast cast that will give the Contender a buff for 20% increased damage done and taken. It is good to let this go off for the damage taken, but make sure you have cooldowns as they will hit very hard during this buff.

Raging Bloodhorn – Casts Raging Tantrum, which does AoE damage during the channel. Since this is technically an enrage, Hunters/Druids can Soothe the Bloodhorn to stop the tantrum.

An Affront of Challengers

When each boss hits 40% health, they will gain a shield for 30% of their health. The shield will time out after 30 seconds.

Important: Always stay on Dessia, even when he fixates a party member. Dessia’s “Slam” ability will hit the nearest target, so make sure you never slam a DPS player by being out of range. Do your best to drag Dessia to the casters, without leaving his melee range.

Focus down Sathel at the start of the fight until 40% when he gains the shield. Sathel has the least health and does the most damage to the rest of the party, so we want to kill him first.

When Sathel hits 40%, focus the other two bosses until the shield falls off.

Southeast Wing

Ancient Captain – The Captain has an aura that increases the damage of all nearby mobs. Always focus him down first.

Shambling Arbalest – Archer mob, spams Shoot on party members. Focus this mob second.


The Southeast Wing contains three minibosses that will cycle out (we are currently unsure if it is on a weekly rotation, or random).

Dokigg the Brutalizer – Channels Savage Flurry on the tank. Interrupt Battle Trance.

Harugia the BloodthirstyInterrupt Battle Trance.

Advent Nevermore – Nothing notable for the tank.

Xav the Unfallen

Brutal Combo is our tank buster. Try to use Celestial Brew for every one.

Drag the boss to the Oppressive Banner immediately and focus it down. This banner gets very dangerous if it is not killed quickly enough for party members to dodge the boss combo.

Overall, this boss is very simple for tanks.

Northeast Wing

Diseased Horror – Casts Meat Shield every 15 seconds, kick right away to avoid it gaining any health. Assign one melee kick per Horror.

Blighted Sludge Spewer – Casts Withering Discharge, which does heavy AoE damage and leaves a disease DoT on the party. Assign one melee kick to each Spewer, but make sure they save their kick for the Discharge!

This mob will also cast Decaying Filth. Be ready to dispel the debuff.

Rancid Gasbag – This mob pulses constant AoE damage, so just be careful if you plan to pull anything with it.

Several mobs in this wing will jump around to random party members. Tell your party to stay loosely stacked to keep the mobs in range for interrupts.


Hateful Strike is our tank buster. It hits pretty hard, so always purify after, and try to have Celestial Brew/Cooldowns/Externals ready for if you’re not topped up.

Prioritize dodging the chains, then picking up the adds.

North Wing

Shackled Soul – There is a large group of Shackled Souls in a hallway with constant swirls to dodge on the ground. They will slow random party members, so the best way to handle these is to drop a transcendence in the doorway to the hallway. Roll in and grab the first half of the pack, then transcendence back to the doorway and fight them in the first room. Then, have the entire party run straight through to the second room, and fight the second half there, so you never have to worry about dodging the swirls on the ground.







Place the orb from the first Portal Guardian in the left container.

Bone Magus – Interrupt Bone Spear and Grave Spike. If you have a rogue in the party, have them lock this mob down. Otherwise, we can lock it down ourselves by cycling Interrupt > Leg Sweep > Interrupt > Paralysis. 

Maniacal Soulbinder – Everyone else who isn’t locking down the Bone Magus should be kicking Necrotic Bolts from this mob. Assign one player to save a kick for Necrotic Bolt Volley.

Place the orb from the second Portal Guardian in the left container.

Nefarious Darkspeaker – Dodge tornadoes from Death Winds. It is a good idea to drop a safety transcendence in case you get hit, as getting hit will knock you off the platform and kill you.






This might be the most difficult boss in the dungeon, but there’s almost nothing for us to worry about as tanks. Just do your best to take as little damage as possible, as your healer will have their hands full with the party damage and mechanics.

Mordretha, the Endless Empress

Reaping Scythe is our tank buster and does quite a decent chunk of damage, so try to have Celestial Brew for it.

In Phase 2, tank the boss near the edge of the room to minimize movement and help dodge all of the mechanics that primarily target the center of the room.

Pick up the adds when you can, but they don’t do a ton of damage, so make sure you prioritize surviving the Scythe hit and dodging swirls over picking up adds.