Advanced: Kyrian


Welcome to Peak of Serenity’s Brewmaster Monk PvE Kyrian Guide. This guide is designed to be a more in-depth look at the Kyrian Covenant. Navigate quickly to the section you need using the sidebar on the right.

For information on how the Covenants compare to each other, see the PvE Quick Guide.

This guide has been updated for Patch 9.2 and is regularly updated when discussion, theorycrafting, or testing yields new information.

Recommended For: All Situations
Recommended Soulbind:
Forgelite Prime Mikanikos

The Kyrian covenant provides a well-rounded set of abilities with solid offensive and defensive value. Much of its power is packed into three places: Weapons of Order, the Pelagos soulbind, and the Mikanikos soulbind. WoO provides a strong 2 minute cooldown that amplifies our damage (notably including damage from Invoke Niuzao and trinkets), and is the strongest covenant ability available for Brewmasters. Pelagos amplifies this cooldown, providing additional Mastery on use that turns it into a better (though still minor) defensive cooldown. Mikanikos, in contrast, provides one of the strongest damage traits in the game (Bron) and some cooldown reduction on WoO. In a raid environment, the combination of WoO and Mikanikos is one of the strongest setups available for Brewmasters, and in Mythic+ WoO provides a nice offensive cooldown to play around.


Class Ability: Weapons of Order

The Kyrian class ability for Brewmasters is uninspiring but effective. A two-minute cooldown that ramps up to a large increase in Keg Smash damage, with a decent chunk of Mastery tacked onto it to provide defensive value. Weapons of Order does not line up with our main cooldown, and is not worth holding to stack them.

Signature Ability

Written by Labyrinth

Kyrian also grants the ability Summon Steward, which (as you guessed) allows you to summon a steward which can do a few things; the only one we really care about from a numerical standpoint is Phial of Serenity. This phial has 3 charges (similar to a Healthstone), and upon use, heals 20% HP and removes all diseases, poisons, curses, and bleeds; it has recently been patched to no longer put your other potions on cooldown, which is a nice QoL buff to this effect. It can be used once per encounter, on a three minute cooldown. It also allows you to change your talents (out of combat, on a 4 hour cooldown) and vendor stuff (on a 1 hour cooldown).

While there are virtually no debuffs in Sanctum of Domination that can be cleansed with Phial, it is still useful to remove numerous bleeds in Mythic+ as well as as additional healing potion in raids.


Soulbinds Quick Info

Forgelite Prime Mikanikos is currently the best Kyrian soulbind for DPS, and is well ahead of Pelagos even without the new capstone trait. However, his tree contains AoE knock-back effects that should you should be mindful of in Mythic+.

Mikanikos benefits from the extended soulbind trees in 9.1, as we are now able to skip Forgelite Filter while still having two good Potency conduits. In general, if you’re using planning to use Phial of Serenity for a specific mechanic, you should skip Forgelite Filter so that it isn’t auto-consumed before you need it. Otherwise, the 3rd potency conduit is weak enough that you can skip Forgelite Filter if you prefer to use Phial yourself.

In the penultimate row, you have the choice between Reactive Retrofitting and a Finesse conduit versus Soulglow Spectrometer and an Endurance conduit. RR works out to about 250 hps in ideal conditions, and will often be substantially worse than that. Either is a fine choice, and you should decide whether you value that shield or the increased damage from Spectrometer.

Recommended Path

Recommended Soulbind path for Mikanikos


The main value of the Pelagos soulbind is the initial Combat Meditation trait, which grants additional Mastery when you use Weapons of Order along with a proc that grants additional duration. The new capstone trait, Newfound Resolve, is not spectactular and doubles down on effects that require you to move and face certain directions while actively tanking—something that is often awkward in practice. On the whole, it is somewhat better defensively than Mikanikos, but far, far behind it in damage. As such, we only recommend its use in Mythic+, where the damage profile is most suited to the defensive value offered by the additional Mastery.

Recommended Path

Kleia is one of the more highly-variable Soulbinds, with much of her power baked into Pointed Courage. In AoE settings or against bosses with small enough hitboxes that you are close to melee players, this is a powerful 5% bonus to Critical Strike. In other settings, it may only be 1%. At the same time, Valiant Strikes has potential to be good as party utility, but the cooldown and range requirement limit its usefulness. The new Light of the Path capstone does little to redeem it.

On the whole, we would not recommend Kleia for general use, but she may have niche value.


Changes with Covenant


With the Memory of Unity legendary (Call to Arms), it will often be worthwhile to treat Weapons of Order as if it were actually Invoke Niuzao: use it while taking damage. Due to the lower cooldown and shorter duration of the Invoke triggered by this legendary, it will rarely be worth losing a cast of Weapons of Order in order to accomplish this, but if you can delay it for a short time in order to use it while actively tanking you should do so.

Otherwise, use Weapons of Order as close to on cooldown as possible. When possible, begin ramping the damage amplification debuff prior to casting Invoke Niuzao to maximize damage done. However, it is not worth holding WoO to do this, or to delay Niuzao to a point in time where you’re taking less damage. Your highest priority remains not losing a cast on WoO, and using Niuzao during maximum incoming damage windows.