Advanced: PvE Legendaries


Welcome to PeakofSerenity’s Mistweaver Monk PvE Legendary Guide. This guide is designed to be a more in-depth look at the legendary recommendations from the main PvE guide. Navigate quickly to the section you need using the sidebar on the right.

This guide has been updated for Patch 9.2 and is regularly updated when discussion, theorycrafting, or testing yields new information.


Ancient Teachings of the Monastery

When you finish or cancel channeling Essence Font, gain a 15 second buff that makes Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick (including Teachings of the Monastery) and Rising Sun Kick heal an ally within 20 yards for 250% of your damage done.

  • Slot: Wrist or Hands
  • Source: Dungeon Boss (Spires of Ascension)
  • Overall: From a numbers perspective, this seems pretty good. It’s basically Eminence but with Essence Font as a trigger. The range on it isn’t great, but we can keep the buff up permanently with 1 global cooldown spent on Essence Font every 15 seconds. Gameplay-wise, however, this Legendary is incredibly counterintuitive. As Essence Font on its own promotes using Mastery proccing spells to utilize its HoT effects, meleeing for the full duration of the HoT is the opposite of what you’d do without this legendary.
  • Raiding: Very good. We don’t have to alter our gameplay at all to gain the buff and if you follow up Essence Font with Rising Sun Kick it does a very nice healing for almost no mana.
  • Mythic+: Decent. We have to alter a gameplay a decent bit to gain the buff and then outside of Rising Sun Kick you will most likely have to swap back to single target healing the tank due to being the only healer. The higher the key level, the more difficult it will be to keep up the group using just this Legendary’s effect.
  • Modification to Rotation: Press Rising Sun Kick after Essence Font 100% of the time.
  • Talent Synergies:  Rising Mist and Spirit of the Crane. We suggest just using Rising Mist with this and not Spirit of the Crane as even with all the extra DPS uptime it’s still worse than Mana Tea.


Clouded Focus

While channeling Soothing Mist, your instant Enveloping Mist and Vivify casts increase their healing done by 20% while also reducing their mana cost by 20%. Stacks up to 3 times. This buff is lost when you stop channeling.

  • Slot: Neck or Wrist
  • Source: Torghast, Tower of the Damned
  • Overall: Even though this sounds like an immense boost to our spot healing, the fact that the buff disappears once you stop channeling is a huge turn off. To stack this buff up, you first need to pump 3 heals into the same person while channeling Soothing Mist on them. Only then you get the maximum healing bonus. The scenarios where you actually do this without overhealing are extremely limited, thus making it a weak Legendary in most situations.
  • Raiding: Pretty underwhelming. In raid we hardly ever have a target that needs to be spammed on thus creating low Soothing Mist channel time in the first place and now we have to use multiple global cooldowns to get max value. No thank you.
  • Mythic+: Okay if your tank doesn’t hit buttons. This can see play in Mythic+ if there is a really hard boss that you can spam Vivify on one target but is still very restrictive as you can’t move during it.
  • Modifications to Rotation: None.
  • Talent Synergies: Mist Wrap and Lifecycles. We don’t suggest using Lifecycles nor Mist Wrap unless you’re casting a ton of Enveloping Mist.


Tear of Morning

Vivify (main target) and Enveloping Mist have a 10% chance to spread Renewing Mist (at its duration at that moment) when cast on a target that has Renewing Mist on them. Additionally, Vivify cleaves for 20% more and Enveloping Mist heals all targets with Renewing Mist for 20% of its total healing (72% Spell Power) upfront.

  • Slot: Head or Waist
  • Source: Sludgefist – Raid Boss
  • Overall: Pretty meh. It’s nice to have increased Vivify cleave healing and Enveloping Mist cleaving can give you quite a bit of increased burst healing. However, as it only affects main target Vivifies at a not-so-great proc rate, the spreading mechanic is lackluster.
  • Raiding: Very subpar. It increases the power of your filler AoE spell, Vivify, and your burst during your Celestial cooldown as you’ll be casting Enveloping Mist. The biggest draw back is we don’t press those two spells all too often in the grand scheme of things.
  • Mythic+: Best for healing. It significantly increases the power of your primary healing spells.
  • Modifications to Rotation: You can be a little bit more free with Enveloping Mist and it makes Vivify better to cast than Essence Font at 4 Renewing Mists not 5!
  • Talent Synergy:  Lifecycles. We don’t recommend this as it reduces your flexibility during other windows such as Yu’lon where you don’t want to press Vivify.
Yu’lon’s Whisper

Using Thunder Focus Tea heals up to 6 allies within a 15 yard frontal cone for 60% Spell Power on use and twice thereafter at 1 second intervals. This does not interact with Focus Thunder as the healing is on cast not on buff consumption and Focus Thunder gives you 2 stacks of Thunder Focus Tea not 2 charges.

  • Slot: Shoulder or Finger
  • Source: Torghast, Tower of the Damned
  • Overall: Okayish. 1080% Spell Power every 30 seconds on a spell we already wanted to use nearly on cooldown is a nice passive contribution. We might hold Thunder Focus Tea for a short while if we know damage is coming up to get a bit of extra healing out of it. 
  • Raiding: This could be decent in raids but there are a few conditions, such as how it lines up with damage events and if there’s there enough people in front of you.
  • Mythic+: Very sub par. This already loses 16.6% value as you don’t have 6 people you could hit but also in Mythic+ you are not normally stacked up so you lose a lot more hits per cast, massively dropping the healing from this Legendary.
  • Modifications to Rotation: You might hold Thunder Focus Tea for a short amount of time before damage if it lines up.
  • Talent Synergy: None.



Call To Arms (Kyrian)

Weapons of Order calls forth Yu’lon or chi-ji, depending on talent, for 12 seconds.

  • Slot: Legs or Feet
  • Source: 48 Renown
  • Overall: Decent. This is a very interesting legendary as it allows you to have more mini burst windows. This can allow us to fit into more burst damage patterns while still pushing damage.
  • Raiding: Situational. This allows to fit into more burst patterns but could drain mana depending on your talent choice.
  • Mythic+: Amazing. This allows you to keep chi-ji for much more of the dungeon giving you that strong single target healing from free enveloping mists as well as the huge gust of mist healing.
  • Modification to Rotation: Weapons of Order is used like your Celestial.
  • Talent Synergies: Summons chi-ji if talented.
Bountiful Brew (Necrolord)

Your abilities have a low chance to cast Bonedust Brew at your target’s location. (1.5 procs per minutes)

  • Slot: Neck or Shoulders or Chest
  • Source: 48 Renown
  • Overall: Underwhelming. Bonedust Brew itself isn’t an overwhelming powerful meaning more of it isn’t amazing. The fact it randomly is thrown at someone is also a big issue.
  • Raiding: Underwhelming. Most of Bonedust Brew‘s power is when you line it up with damaging mechanics which this doesn’t allow you to do.
  • Mythic+: Underwhelming. This has the ability to increase your overall damage but only very slightly due to Bonedust Brew already being a weak dps increase.
  • Modification to Rotation: None.
  • Talent Synergies: None.
Faeline Harmony (Night Fae)

Your abilities reset Faeline Stomp 100% more often. Enemies and allies hit by Faeline Stomp are affected by Fae Exposure, increasing your damage and healing against them by 8% for 10 sec.

  • Slot: Waist or Hands
  • Source: 48 Renown
  • Overall: Situational. The power of this legendary is closely tied to fight design which makes it hard to recommend.
  • Raiding: Situational. The viability of this legendary heavily comes down to fight design. Fights with lots of movements will decrease the value by a large amount while fights with low mobility requirements and the ability to stack will increase the power of it.
  • Mythic+: Decent for damage. If you’re looking to find a damage increase this is going to be one of the better legendries for that but since m+ normally doesn’t have people stacked you’re going to giving up a good amount of healing.
  • Modification to Rotation: None.
  • Talent Synergies: None.
Sinister Teachings (Venthyr)

Fallen Order summons 1 additional Crane adept for 24 sec. While you have an active adept, your abilities that critically hit reduce the cooldown of Fallen Order by 2.5 sec. (.75 second ICD)

  • Slot: Wrist or Finger
  • Source: 48 Renown
  • Overall: Strong. This can grant a solid amount of CDR to Fallen Order which when casting on CD gives a massive amount of hps.
  • Raiding: Strong. It provides a massive amount of healing and damage due to the fact it turns Fallen Order into a two minute cooldown.
  • Mythic+: Interesting. The extra CDR allows for you to use Fallen Order more aggressively which will increase the damage you do as well as providing a strong group cooldown more frequently.
  • Modification to Rotation: Hit Fallen Order on cooldown.
  • Talent Synergies: None.


Escape from Reality

You can use Transcendence: Transfer again within 10 seconds after your first use, ignoring its cooldown. Additionally, during these 10 seconds, your Vivify heals you for 70% more and you’re refunded 50% of the Mana cost when it’s cast on yourself as the main target.

  • Slot: Neck or Chest
  • Source: The Great Vault (weekly chest)
  • Overall: This might read great but is very underwhelming. The buff to Vivify only works on yourself for just 10 seconds. If you add Mastery to the healing you do as well you will start overhealing very quickly.
  • Raiding: You could use it to Transfer out and back into the raid if you have a pre-placed Transcendence spirit, but we don’t have that much use for this given how mobile we already are.
  • Mythic+: Mechanics for which you have to move out and back in are less prevalent in Mythic+, so if anything it’s going to be even worse than in raids. A niche use could be to enhance your spothealing on yourself for when you have a big debuff (similar to the Golden Serpent debuff in Kings’ Rest in BFA), but those cases are not prevalent enough to warrant using this Legendary for an entire dungeon.
  • Modifications to Rotation: Try to cast Transcendence: Transfer and cast Vivify on yourself to get a few cheaper casts.
  • Talent Synergies: None.


Fatal Touch

Reduces the cooldown of Touch of Death by 120 seconds.

  • Slot: Wrist or Finger
  • Source: Mueh’zala – Dungeon Boss (De Other Side)
  • Overall: On lower content where healing isn’t much of an issue its pretty good on higher content the lack of healing this provides can become an issue.
  • Raiding: Basically pointless for you unless you have super specific ads you have to kill and you must do it multiple times in the fight.
  • Mythic+: Could be decent as it increase your damage but since it provides no healing it will most likely not be used on your progression keys.
  • Modifications to Rotation: Cast Touch of Death more often.
  • Talent Synergies: None.


Invoker’s Delight

Gives 33% Haste for 20 seconds when you invoke Yu’lon or Chi-Ji.

  • Slot: Head or Shoulder or Back
  • Source: Stone Legion Generals – Raid Boss
  • Overall: Good. You get a Haste buff which is stronger than Bloodlust/Heroism, for half the duration, every 3 minutes (more often if you use the Jade Bond conduit). In fact, due to how Haste bonuses work, it’s not a flat 33% Haste but rather a flat 33% + 33% of your current Haste. So if you run 21% Haste, this would give you 33% + (33% of 21%) = 40% Haste. This is pretty nutty for throwing out Enveloping Mist during Yu’lon and Chi-ji, and thus throwing out more Enveloping Breath. It also gives you more globals to use melee abilities and proc Chi-ji‘s Gusts, further increasing its healing. This Legendary’s only downside is that it’s 5 seconds short of lasting for your entire Celestial’s duration.
  • Raiding: This can be very good if you need to cram as much healing into your Celestial window as possible.
  • Mythic+: This is very strong for Mythic+ and it’s one of the only Legendaries that adds damage and healing. Increasing your Haste during Celestial reduces your GCD length thus meaning you can cast more damaging spells while your hots also tick faster.
  • Modifications to Rotation: None.
  • Talent Synergies: Chi-ji. Increases the number of GCDs in your Celestial cooldown as well as all HoT healing which with Chi-ji is very powerful and saves a lot of mana. We suggest still playing your preferred Celestial so if you like Chi-ji go Chi-ji.
Roll Out

You’re immune to roots and snares during Roll/Chi Torpedo.

  • Slot: Waist or Feet
  • Source: Honor currency vendor in Oribos
  • Overall: Trash! Unless you’re being rooted or snared during the exact moment you are rolling, this doesn’t do anything.
  • Raiding: Trash! Since this only prevents snares during the roll its very unlikely you will gain much value.
  • Mythic+: TRASH! Since this only prevents snares during the roll its very unlikely you will gain much value.
  • Modifications to Rotation: None.
  • Talent Synergies: None.



Echo of Eonar

1 RPPM. Can activate on any ability/heal usage. It spawns a familiar that increases your damage and healing by 10% for 10 seconds. Additionally, it sends echoes of your familiar to 3 nearby players, which increases their damage and healing by 5% for 10 seconds.

  • Slot: Waist, Wrist, or Finger
  • Source: Honored Reputation – The Wild Hunt
  • Overall: Mediocre, really. 10% healing for just 10 seconds every minute isn’t really a great deal. Furthermore the damage and healing for other allies doesn’t really seem worth because it doesn’t affect that many people and it may proc during periods where they aren’t doing much damage. If all healing and damage was distributed equally over time this would amount to about a 1.7% throughput increase for us and 0.8% per ally. As this is not the case and you don’t control when it procs it makes for a weak choice.
  • Raiding: Due to the amount of players in a raid it’s unlikely you buff just that person that could make use of it.
  • Mythic+: It does give us a slight damage increase, but the random nature of this legendary could also make it proc right at the end of a trash pack when we have no use for the buff.
  • Modifications to Rotation: None.
  • Talent Synergies: None.


Judgment of the Arbiter

6 hasted RPPM. Releases a bolt of holy damage. Arcs to another player with the Legendary equipped as well, hitting enemies in between.

  • Slot: Wrist, Hands, or Finger
  • Source: Honored Reputation – The Ascended
  • Overall: This one is pretty bad. It does nothing for our healing. The fact that you rely on another person to use it as well to get more damage out of it, while they probably prefer other Legendaries, makes it a weak choice.
  • Raiding: The damage is not high enough to ever warrant using it in a raid setting because of it, regardless of other players using it or not.
  • Mythic+: Even though we care more about damage in Mythic+, the fact that another person needs to have it to make it do more damage is a serious flaw of this Legendary.
  • Modifications to Rotation: None.
  • Talent Synergies: None.
Maw Rattle

6 hasted RPPM. Killing an enemy can summon an Explosive Mawrat which explodes after 6 secs and deals AoE damage. Poisons the enemies hit and decreases their damage done by 5% for 10 secs.

  • Slot: Legs, Feet, or Hands
  • Source: Honored Reputation – The Undying Army
  • Overall: Very bad. Even though damage reduction is damage we don’t need to heal, it’s quite insignificant and the delay on the explosion makes it awkward to use.
  • Raiding: Straight up garbage. You will not kill enough enemies to make use of this on most fights.
  • Mythic+: Even though extra AoE damage in Mythic+ is something we wouldn’t mind, the fact that it’s summoned when you kill an enemy makes it undesirable. As a lot of trash often dies around the same time in Mythic+, odds are that most mobs will be dead before the Mawrat finally explodes.
  • Modifications to Rotation: None.
  • Talent Synergies: None.


Norgannon’s Sagacity

Grants Sagacity when you cast a spell, allowing you to cast while moving for 0.5 sec per stacks. Maximum 10 stacks.

  • Slot: Legs, Feet, or Back
  • Source: Honored Reputation – Court of Harvesters
  • Overall: Basically useless. We are hypermobile already, the only spells we’d cast that we can’t move during are Vivify and Enveloping Mist (during our Celestial windows). Being able to move while casting it for up to 5 seconds is not worthwhile.
  • Raiding: Pure garbage. Even if we have to move as a raid, we’ll still be able to cast Essence Font and Renewing Mist on the go and there’ll be other healers with instant cast spells who can do the same thing. Using this Legendary is a big waste.
  • Mythic+: There’s a lot of stuff to move from in Mythic+, but with trash being susceptible to crowd control and abilities being predictable, you won’t need to use this for emergency healing and moving at the same time. Especially not while in a coordinated group.
  • Modifications to Rotation: None.
  • Talent Synergies: None.
Sephuz’s Proclamation

Crowd control done to you is 10% less effective. Additionally, dispelling a friendly, interrupting an enemy (not applicable to us) or applying a loss of control effect increases all your secondary stat ratings by 80 for 15 seconds. Can only occur once every 30 seconds.

  • Slot: Neck, Shoulder, or Chest
  • Source: Honor currency vendor in Oribos
  • Overall: This could be a decent one on some occasions. It gives us 2.29% Critical Strike, 2.42% Haste, 2% Versatility and 9.6% Mastery (before stat DR) for 15 seconds with a potential 50% uptime if you’re able to make full use of it
  • Raiding: Free stats are nice but, as raid encounters have limited opportunities for dispells and crowd control, we can’t reliably proc it so this Legendary’s value will diminish quickly.
  • Mythic+: On regular trash packs we are able to proc this on cooldown with Paralysis (due to its new 30 second cooldown). Seeing how 3 out of 4 stats contribute to our DPS as well, it’s actually not that bad.
  • Modifications to Rotation: None.
  • Talent Synergies: None.


Stable Phantasma Lure

Increases personal Phantasma earned by 25%. Looting Phantasma may spawn a demon that runs away and increases Phantasma gain for the entire party by 10% for 1 minute when killed.

  • Slot: Neck, Wrist, or Back
  • Source: Torghast, Tower of the Damned
  • Overall: Torghast only. There’s plenty of Anima powers in Torghast that make us really strong, using this Legendary to get those Anima powers quicker through Phantasma might outshine using other Legendaries in there.
  • Raiding: Not applicable.
  • Mythic+: Not applicable.
  • Modifications to Rotation: None.
  • Talent Synergies: None.


Third Eye of the Jailer

When you kill an enemy, gain 1% main stat for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 7 and increases the duration by 1 sec for each additional stack. 50% increased duration while in the Maw.

  • Slot: Head, Shoulder, or Waist
  • Source: Ambivalent Reputation with Ve’nari (Maw Broker)
  • Overall: Lackluster due to the limited duration. In our testing however, it seems to add 10 seconds to the duration per kill you do, which is not what the tooltip says.
  • Raiding: Don’t use it, there’s not enough enemies in raids to keep this up consistently.
  • Mythic+: Due to the extra enemies in Mythic+ compared to raid encounters you might see opportunities to keep this up, although it will likely too tight on the timer in most cases.
  • Modifications to Rotation: None.
  • Talent Synergies: None.


Vitality Sacrifice

When you take significant damage from a player or Elite enemy, your damage and healing done are increased by 3% of the damage taken, up to a maximum of 9% for 20 seconds. Only occurs once every 30 seconds.

  • Slot: Head or Shoulder, or Chest or Finger
  • Source: The Great Vault (weekly chest)
  • Overall: This can be situationally useful. Blizzard isn’t lying when they said “significant”. In order to proc this effect, you need to take a decent amount of unmitigated damage (10% of your health) in one single hit for just the minimum buff of 3%. It caps out at 50% of your health in damage in one hit, providing you with a 9% damage and healing buff.
  • Raiding: A 9% buff to your raid healing straight after big damage can theoretically be immense. However, if you take a hit for 10% of your health after the internal cooldown ends, it will proc for 3% extra damage and healing which can’t be overwritten, even if you take a huge chunk of damage right after it. Unless you take just large spikes of damage with no >10% health hits in between, the value will diminish greatly.
  • Mythic+: The higher the level of keystone you do, the closer you get to one-shot mechanics, the more value you get from this Legendary. A 9% buff to healing for 20 seconds can be useful to get yourself up quicker and the damage bonus is pretty nice as well if you’re trying to push timers. The downside of not being able to take any smaller damage (a little over but close to 10%) weighs heavily, though.
  • Modifications to Rotation: None.
  • Talent Synergies: None.