Advanced: Night Fae


Welcome to PeakofSerenity’s Mistweaver Monk PvE Night Fae Guide. This guide is designed to be a more in-depth look at the Night Fae Covenant. Navigate quickly to the section you need using the sidebar on the right.

For information on how the Covenants compare to each other, see the PvE Quick Guide.

This guide has been updated for Patch 9.2 and is regularly updated when discussion, theorycrafting, or testing yields new information.


Class Ability

The Night Fae grant the ability Faeline Stomp, which costs 4% of your mana and has a 30 second cooldown. On use, it creates a Faeline in front of you, healing up to 5 friendlies on top of it for 91% on the initial hit as well as dealing 40% of your attack power as damage to enemies. Additionally, it heals 5 allies for an Essence Font bolt. When standing on the Faeline, your abilities have a 6% chance to reset Faeline Stomp’s cooldown. 

Signature Ability

Members of the Night Fae also receive the ability Soulshape, which, when activated, teleports you 15 yards forward and gives you 50% move speed for 12 seconds. During these 12 seconds, you can press Soulshape again to teleport forward an additional time, on a 4 second cooldown. Overall, this isn’t too desirable as a Mistweaver as we already have Roll/Chi Torpedo and Transcendence. The one niche this could fill is to teleport over a mechanic that you can’t proactively set up Transcendence for. Soulshape is on a 1.5 minute cooldown.

Soulbinds Quick

  • Overall: Alright.
  • Raiding: Alright. Provides a good amount of mastery and does some solid hps if you’re decently stacked.
  • Mythic+: Alright. Provides more Haste to allies to kill bosses faster.
  • Defense: More max health is nice… very nice.
  • Utility: Nice to give allies more haste and also you get more movement speed after you kill a pack in Mythic+!


Recommended Path


  • Overall: Not half bad.
  • Raiding: Decent. Provides a cheat death, convert some of your natural overhealing into a shield while also providing a good shield..
  • Mythic+: Alright to meh. Could easily not be able to pass vers around which drops a lot of power.
  • Defense: Very nice. A cheat death and on top of that you get some extra vers on you and allies.
  • Utility: Nice. You have evened the playing field against gravity.


Recommended Path


  • Overall: Very underwhelming.
  • Raiding: Meh. Provides very little for throughput as people don’t fall below 35% for many GCDs.
  • Mythic+: Nice. Provides a lot of extra DPS.
  • Defense: Not very nice.
  • Utility: Lots of extra movement speed.


Recommended Path



Changes with Covenant


Cast this often and early. Attempt to stand on this while fighting.


Rising Mist. You can extend the EF hots this produces.