Mistweaver Talent Guide


There are not one and done builds for Mistweaver as depending on the fight and your raid comp things could easily change. So rather in this guide we will talk about each talent on each tier level, their procs and cons, and allow you to decided if you think it could be better.
But here are some that are generically good but still very easily to change based on group/requirements. All of these generic builds are very competitive with each other so if you desire to kick/punch more go for it! Just realize if you are having low boss uptime you should probably swap to something like Upwelling.


A more sit back and away from the boss build:
Chi BurstTiger’s LustMana TeaRing of PeaceDiffuse MagicRefreshing Jade WindUpwelling

A I’m up in your face beating you down but still healing my friends build:
Mist WrapTiger’s LustMana TeaRing of PeaceDiffuse MagicInvoke Chi-Ji, the Red CraneRising Mist


A more sit back and away from the boss build:
Mist Wrap – Tiger’s LustMana TeaRing of PeaceDampen HarmSummon Jade Serpent StatueFocused Thunder

A I’m up in your face beating you down but still healing my friends build:
Mist WrapTiger’s LustMana TeaRing of PeaceDampen Harm – Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red CraneRising Mist

Level 15

MW – An amazing healing increase whenever you’re casting env, as this is just a passive increase to it. The longer duration can help save on mana if you’re healing someone with a hefty DoT effect, while also channeling a now empowered soom. This also increases the duration of [spell=343655], which as a raid cooldown is a large increase in overall healing.

[spell=115098] – Since you can only guarantee one target being healed or damaged with this spell, with the rest of its bounces up to randomness, this spell is neither a good, consistent heal, nor as a group [spell=8647] applicator.

[spell=123986] – This is the exact opposite of [spell=115098]. It’s an amazing heal and [spell=8647] applicator because the hitbox of the spell is big enough to damage any enemy wailing on a tank, while also healing any ally in its path for a sizable amount.

Level 25

[spell=115173] – Improves upon what makes [spell=109132] such a good baseline mobility ability for short bursts of movement.
[spell=115008] – Replaces [spell=109132], launching yourself further than the baseline [spell=109132] does, while also giving you a run speed buff ([spell=119085]) for 10 seconds. Great for scenarios where you need to continually move for short bursts of time.
[spell=116841] – Arguably the best option in the row as it provides a free root/snare dispel when needed, as well as a move speed increase on slower members of your group, whether they need it to get out of bad on the ground or to catch up to the rest of the group. Just an all around useful spell to have.

Level 30

[spell=197915] – This should be taken when you’re in a situation where you’re casting [spell=124682] with any sort of regularity, typically in dungeons. A solid passive option while you’re getting the rhythm of raid fights down and seeing how your group handles damage. This is a solid choice in dungeons because mana is largely not a factor in healing in dungeons, and, since this entire row deals with mana in some way, the passive option doesn’t require you to micromanage or try to fill out a small window for it to be effective.
[spell=210802] – This is solely a raid talent as since you’ll rarely have time in dungeons to regain mana through this talent. When you talent into this, [spell=115175] is effectively removed from use since you want to damage as much as possible to maximize mana return. Note though the mana return will generally be fairly low, so the other two options on this row will have a much higher impact on your mana.
[spell=197908] – A great ability for scripted bursts of damage that you can prepare for, during which you spam [spell=116670] onto the group, forgoing [spell=115175] channels in favor of triage healing. You will combine this ability with your Celestials and any burst healing that is needed. This should be your default talent for any raid build.

Level 35

[spell=264348] – With [spell=119381] being added baseline, this talent seeks to increase its baseline effectiveness, but with the option to have both [spell=119381] and [spell=116844] together, that’s a crowd-control combination that will be brutal.
[spell=198898] – The slow moving cloud effect is fine for buying your tank some time, but in any situation where you’d want to use it, you’d have to stop all damage on the affected mobs so it won’t be broken early, which is not the case for [spell=116844].
[spell=116844] – The go to talent of this row, this flexibility this talent offers is unparalleled among other healers. It can be a ranged group interrupt by throwing enemies away, helps reposition enemies to a more favorable location, or just as a 5 second tank pseudo-immunity (as long as they stand within it).

Level 40

[spell=122281] – The only option in this row that is used as a reaction to incoming damage, a solid choice if you’re going into an encounter blind.
[spell=122783] – The best option when there’s any sort of predictable magic damage that you can use proactively. In both raids and dungeons, the majority of unavoidable lethal damage is magic.
[spell=122278] – Another solid default, this option prevents up to 50% of the incoming damage. Being able to use it proactively against any sort of damage makes it leaps and bounds from a defensive standpoint than [spell=122281] reactively, as well as a better option in fights where you can take physical damage.

Level 45

[spell=115313] – Now a competitive talent thanks to [spell=115175] becoming an active spell again, and how it continues channeling on your target even when you stop channeling [spell=115175]. This talent is a solid talent when you need some additional healing on a specific target.
[spell=196725] – A very solid spell, it requires steady ticking damage in a group of 6 or more players over the entire duration of a cast to be even considered. It has potential for any fight where you are stacked as a raid group and there is constant ticking damage. It currently has one of the best HPM values of any monk spell.
[spell=325197] – This is a new talent in Shadowlands. It is a solid option for a more damage focused player, allowing you to convert your damage abilities into healing. You will use then whenever there is a large damage event or period of high group damage. Keep in mind you will need to make sure there are mobs near you to hit, to make the most of this ability. This will be used in a Kickweaving build.

Level 50

[spell=197895] – This talent is very strong in dungeons. Its flexibility allows for much higher group coverage of [spell=115151], as well as superb single target healing with the bomb that is using it with [spell=124682]. The extra option for more damage via [spell=107428] is a great option to have.
[spell=274963] – A passive talent that makes [spell=191837] better in a group. Every second that [spell=191837] is on cooldown, another bolt is added to the next cast of it, up to 18 extra bolts, or 30 seconds from the start of your last [spell=191837] cast. This effectively means you can cast two [spell=191837] back to back for the cost of one. On top of that, it also increases the HoT effect’s duration by 50%, allowing for more [spell=191894] healing. Generally this is only taken in a raid.
[spell=274909] – The cornerstone of the Fistweaving and Dungeon healing builds, this turns [spell=107428] into a small heal on targets that have any of our three Heal over Time effects ([spell=124682], [spell=115151], or [spell=191837]), as well as extending those three HoTs by 4 seconds. Do note that each target will not be healed more than once, even if they have any combination of our three HoTs, but all HoTs will be extended. In raids, this talent is used most effectively after a cast of [spell=191837], when we have as many targets with HoT effects active at once. The real power of this talent is in its efficiency and ability to have a large number of [spell=115151] out on a group during high damage phases. This talent does require you to be able to stay active on a target for the large majority of a fight, but it is now competitive with [spell=274963] in raids.