Advanced: Kyrian


Welcome to PeakofSerenity’s Windwalker Monk PvE Kyrian Guide. This guide is designed to be a more in-depth look at the Kyrian Covenant. Navigate quickly to the section you need using the sidebar on the right.

For information on how the Covenants compare to each other, see the PvE Quick Guide.

This guide has been updated for Patch 9.2 and is regularly updated when discussion, theorycrafting, or testing yields new information.


Right now the recommendation for most content is Forgelite Prime Mikanikos with Pelagos being tied in Multi Target situations. Mikanikos’ Effusive Anima Accelerator has the extra benefit of potentially giving you an extra set of cooldowns, but this is not required for Mikanos to be better than Pelagos.



Class Ability

Weapons of Order; a 2-minute cooldown that, for Windwalkers, provides 12.5% Mastery,  Rising Sun Kick gives a buff that reduces the cost of all Chi-spenders by 1, and  Blackout Kick reduces the cooldown of  Rising Sun Kick and  Fists of Fury by 2 seconds rather than 1. This is the covenant that has the most “going on”. You want to fit in as many  Rising Sun Kick as possible, heavily prioritizing   Blackout Kick  will help you with this. Fill with your other abilities such as Whirling Dragon Punch and  Fists of Fury alongside your Chi generators. More about this down below.

This is currently believed to be the strongest Covenant ability for most purposes, especially given its cooldown synergy with  Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger and  Invoker’s Delight to give it a little bit more “umph”.


Signature Ability

Summon Steward; summons a little steward that provides some different things like a free talent change or a vendor. The big draw, however, is  Phial of Serenity, which is a healing potion that does not share the same cooldown as health potions. The potion also removes bleeds.


Soulbinds Quick Info

The conduits shown in the recommended paths are picked for a single target situation, for more information on what conduits to take in different scenarios visit the PvE Quick Guide

  • Overall: Good
  • Raiding: Good
  • Mythic+: Great


Recommended Path

  • Overall: Meh
  • Raiding: Meh
  • Mythic+: Good


Recommended Path


  • Overall: Great
  • Raiding: Great
  • Mythic+: Great


Recommended Path



Soulbinds In-Depth

Conduit Slots
  • Guaranteed: 1 x Endurance and 2 x Potency
  • Choice 1: Endurance OR Potency OR Finesse
  • Choice 2: Endurance OR Finesse
  • Choice 3: Endurance OR Finesse


Soulbind Nodes

1. Combat MeditationWeapons of Order increases Mastery rating by 350 for 20 seconds and sometimes expels (up to 3) Sorrowful Memories. Walking through these extends this bonus by 6 seconds.

For us, this translates into 12.5% Mastery. However, as it’s Mastery rating and not a set percentage, this is affected by the diminishing returns on stats. Quite a decent addition and it lasts for a large portion of Weapons of Order. This further de-incentivizes breaking Mastery during Weapons of Order.

2. Focusing Mantra – Defeating an enemy lowers the cooldown of your Phial of Serenity by 1 second.

Decent for world content and M+. Useless in raids as you don’t really defeat enemies that count towards this on most bosses.

3. Road of Trials – Defeating an enemy gives you 10% increased movement speed for 20 seconds. Effect is increased if it’s a powerful enemy.

Decent for speeding through world content, but virtually useless in M+ and completely useless in raids.

4. Phial of Patience – Phial of Serenity heals for 35% additional health, but its healing is turned into a HoT effect that lasts for 10 seconds.

Whereas it’s a big increase in healing, most of it will likely be overhealing as you’ll already be healed to full before the effect ends. An instant heal, even though doing less healing overall, is more valuable.

5. Bond of Friendship – Defeating an enemy reduces the cooldown of your Steward’s non-Phial services by 30 seconds.

These services are useless in raids and M+, as you don’t loot stuff to sell and you’re not able to change talents in M+. For raids, defeating enemies doesn’t really happen anyway so you won’t really get reduction at all.

6. Cleansed Vestments – When you kill an enemy that yields experience or honor, have a chance to obtain cleansed cloth and enchanting materials.

This gets you some extra materials (and therefore gold) during world content.

7. Let Go Of The Past – Using a spell or ability reduces your magic damage taken by 1% for 6 seconds. Using another spell or ability increases this amount by 1% when it is not a repeat of the previous spell or ability, stacking to 3%

You’re already going to be not repeating abilities, so this is just a bonus 3% magic reduction for something that we’re already doing.

8. Better Together – During combat, moving within 3 yd of a party or raid member inspires both of you, increasing Mastery by 40 for 1 min. Players may only be affected by one such effect.

Just a small bonus. You can put this on a specific player, but it’s not really worth the trouble.

9. Path of the Devoted – After recovering from a loss of control effect, you take 15% reduced damage and your movement speed cannot be reduced below 90% for 6 sec. May only occur once per 30 sec.

It has it’s use in PVP, but enemies will typically attempt to kill you during CC whereas this trait only start working after the CC

10. Newfound Resolve – At any moment during combat, there is a low chance your Doubt will manifest for 10 sec. Directly facing your Doubt will overcome it, granting 12% Primary Stat and Stamina for 15 sec.

12% Agility is really strong, but the proc rate is rather low. You only have to look in the direction of the mob to get the buff, you do not have to move towards it or be close to it.

Conduit Slots
  • Guaranteed: 1 x Finesse and 1 x Endurance and 1 x Potency
  • Choice 1: Potency OR Endurance
  • Choice 2: Potency OR Endurance OR Finesse
  • Choice 3: Endurance OR Finesse


Soulbind Nodes

1. Valiant Strikes – Your critical strikes grant you stacks of Valiant Strikes, up to 20. If a nearby party member drops below 50% health, you consume these stacks to heal them for 1% of their maximum health per stack. After healing this way, you may not benefit from Valiant Strikes for 1 min.

This trait triggers very often as the 50% threshold is met very easily. This makes it do more overall healing, but also means it’s often on cooldown when you really need it.

2. Mentorship – When your health is above 90%, your nearby party members’ maximum health is increased by 5%.

5% is a small amount and as 90% health is the threshold at which it disappears, it’s gone too quickly to make a difference. Its better than nothing, but only just.

3. Ascendant Phial – Phial of Serenity makes you immune to Curse, Disease, Poison and Bleed effects for 8 seconds.

Because Phial of Serenity already gets rid of Curses, Diseases, Poisons and Bleeds this trait is only useful against re-applying effects which is very rare to see. 

4. Cleansing Rites – After 5 seconds out of combat you gain a shield for 10% of your maximum health.

Good for world content, decent for Mythic+ depending on how much you chainpull (more chainpulling = less time out of combat = less useful), useless for raids as you don’t reset combat on bosses.

5. Ever Forward – While above 90% health, your mounted movement speed is increased by 10%.

A small movement speed increase for world content and in some open-air dungeons that allow mounting, otherwise it doesn’t do anything.

6. Bearer’s Pursuit – Your damaging spells and abilities have a chance to decrease your target’s movement speed by 45% for 20 seconds.

This can be really good for kiting mobs in Mythic+ and for keeping distance from the opponent in PvP. In raids however you won’t see a use for this.

7. Pointed Courage – You gain 1% increased Critical Strike chance for every nearby enemy or ally, stacking up to 5%

This is immensely strong depending on the number of players around you in raids. If you don’t have to massively spread in a fight, you’ll likely see a near-permanent 5% increase in Critical Strike chance. Being a melee you’re very likely to be at full stacks all the time

8. Resonant Accolades – When you receive healing while above 70% or you heal an ally above 70% health, 4% of the healing done is repeated over 5 seconds

This is a marginal amount of healing. Say you heal an ally from 70% to 95% health, this Soulbind ability will land your target at 96% health. You won’t be aiming for this.

9. Spear of the Archon – Movement speed increased by 6% while out of combat. Gain 3% critical strike chance for 10 sec after damaging an enemy above 90% health.

This becomes very good on any fight where the opening burst is important or whenever you have adds spawning frequently. In dungeons this also has a high up-time.

10. Hope Springs Eternal – Your Phial of Serenity reduces damage taken by 10% for 8 sec and its effects are also granted to your lowest-health ally.

Because Windwalker has enough defensive tools already you won’t take this over the competing trait that gives you damage.

11. Light the Path – Your Valiant Strikes grant 0.25% critical strike chance per stack. When your Valiant Strikes heals an ally, you each gain 5% critical strike chance for 12 sec.

To get the most out of this trait you ideally never proc your Valiant Strikes. Sadly this is almost impossible not to on any difficult content.

Conduit Slots
  • Guaranteed: 1 x Finesse 1 x Endurance and 1 x Potency
  • Choice 1: Potency OR Endurance
  • Choice 2: Potency OR Endurance OR Finesse
  • Choice 3: Endurance OR Finesse


Soulbind Nodes

1. Bron’s Call to Action – After using 90 damaging or healing spells and abilities, your next spell or ability summons Bron. Bron knocks back enemies when he’s summoned and then attacks and heals your targets for 30 seconds.

This trait has been buffed in 9.1 and our little buddy now actually does some damage. He won’t solo any enemies, but it’s a welcome extra bit of damage.

2. Forgelite Filter – When reduced below 35% health, Phial of Serenity automatically heals you and consumes a charge.

Sort of a nice safety net, but having control over your Phial is more valuable as 35% health is still easily recoverable yourself in most situations.

3. Charged Additive – Using Phial of Serenity knocks back nearby enemies.

Thunderstorm lite when you use your Phial can be pretty useful in world content if you need to get away from mobs that are aggroed to you and heal at the same time. In Mythic+, however, it is more likely that your tank will complain because you knocked the mobs away from him as well.

4. Regenerating Materials – Casting or receiving healing has a chance to improve the remaining durability on your armor.

This might be useful when you’re wiping over 300 times to a boss and you can’t cover your repairs anymore. Otherwise, just a flavour thingy.

5. Resilient Plumage – You take 20% reduced fall damage and after taking fall damage, damage you take is reduced by 20% for 15 seconds.

This can be really useful in fights where there’s knock-up and falling effects as a 20% damage reduction is huge. Fights like Fallen Avatar come to mind. Unless we get fights with such mechanics though, this will be useless.

6. Soulsteel Clamps – After standing still for 5 seconds, incoming stun and incapacitate effects are reduced by 20%. Lasts for 5 seconds once you start moving.

Pretty big for PvP and some Mythic+ trash to reduce the effectiveness of CC. Raids however don’t really have that kind of stuff so it’s useless there.

7. Hammer of Genesis – Damaging a new enemy grants you 3% Haste for 10 seconds, stacking up to 5.

Pretty solid for Mythic+ for when you pull new trash packs and Haste is more useful, but unlikely to be very useful overall.

8. Sparkling Driftglobe Core – When reduced below 30% health, you stun nearby enemies for 3 seconds. Can only occur once every 60 seconds.

A nice safety net in Mythic+ and PVP, but maybe a bit iffy in Sanguine weeks (although pairing with Ring of Peace could see some really creative plays!). In raids, most adds are immune to stun, so this won’t help you there.

9. Soulglow Spectrometer – Damaging or healing a target analyzes its merit over 15 sec, increasing your damage or healing to it by 1%, increasing by an additional 1% every 3 sec. Cannot start a new analysis of each type until the previous one has finished.

Not something you actively play around. Enjoy the bit of bonus damage.

10. Reactive Retrofitting – After taking Physical or Magic damage, gain a shield that absorbs damage equal to 8% of your maximum Health for 10 sec. Each incoming damage type may trigger this effect once per 30 sec.

If you’re lucky it can save your life once or two. In most cases this will just be (little) passive healing

11. Effusive Anima Accelerator – Weapons of Order releases a blast of overcharged anima at your target’s location, dealing X Arcane damage split evenly between all targets over 8 sec. Reduce the cooldown of Weapons of Order by 8 sec per affected enemy, to a maximum of 40 sec.

This is where Mikanikos can show off it’s true potential. If this makes your cooldowns line up better with mechanics, burst timings, or enables you to get one more set of cooldowns out it pushes Mikanikos from very strong to veeeery strong. This will usually force you to play Xuen’s Bond in order to keep lining up Xuen with Weapons of Order.


Using Weapons of Order

While its technically true that there is a “perfect” rotation for Weapons of Order; what that rotation is will depend on a large amount of factors: Haste %, Bloodlust vs No Bloodlust, Invoker’s Delight vs No Invoker’s Delight, Level 15 Talents, Level 30 Talents, Level 45 Talents, how many targets, how many stacks of Spinning Crane Kick you have, and more. This large variance makes it functionally impossible for us to tell you exactly the best thing you should be doing in each situation. So, to best explain how things work, we’re providing a priority list, similar to the one that we have in the PvE Guide. Simply press the highest priority thing and try to avoid delaying something higher priority by using something lower priority.

Single Target Priority

  1. Rising Sun Kick
  2. Fists of Fury (Full channel)
  3. Blackout Kick (If you need it in order to get your next RSK reduced by chi, see graphic further down. Do not break mastery)
  4. Spinning Crane Kick (if you have a Dance of Chi-Ji proc)
  5. Whirling Dragon Punch
  6. Fist of the White Tiger
  7. Expel Harm
  8. Chi Burst
  9. Tiger Palm
  10. Chi Wave
  11. Blackout Kick (Even if it breaks your mastery)


Multi-Target Priority

  1. Rising Sun Kick
  2. Whirling Dragon Punch
  3. Fists of Fury (Full channel)
  4. Spinning Crane Kick (If it won’t break your mastery)
  5. Fist of the White Tiger
  6. Chi Burst
  7. Expel Harm
  8. Tiger Palm
  9. Blackout Kick if it won’t break mastery
  10. Chi Wave



Your opener will vary based on your level 15 and 30 talents and your haste, for this reason I cannot list all possible openers here. The idea is all the same, get to 5 or 6 Chi followed by Xuen, Weapons of Order, Storm, Earth, and Fire into Rising Sun Kick. Then your goal is to get your Fists of Fury and Whirling Dragon Punch off as soon as possible while never dropping your Chi reduction buff.

To give an example, let’s say you have Eye of the Tiger, Fist of the White Tiger, 5% haste from your gear, Bloodlust is active, and you have Invoker’s Delight:

  1. Expel Harm 15-20s before the pull to build 1 Chi
  2. Tiger Palm
  3. Tiger Palm
  4. Xuen
  5. Weapons of Order
  6. Storm, Earth, and Fire
  7. Rising Sun Kick
  8. Fists of Fury
  9. Blackout Kick
  10. Rising Sun Kick
  11. Whirling Dragon Punch
  12. Fist of the White Tiger
  13. Expel Harm
  14. Blackout Kick
  15. Rising Sun Kick
  16. Blackout Kick
  17. Fists of Fury
  18. Rising Sun Kick

To get an idea of what rotation you can follow at different haste levels. Here is a handy chart:


Changes with Covenant


There is currently no change to how we set up our talents for Kyrian.



Choosing Kyrian doesn’t currently have any effect on what you’re looking to do with your gear.