Advanced: Necrolord


Welcome to PeakofSerenity’s Windwalker Monk PvE Necrolord Guide. This guide is designed to be a more in-depth look at the Necrolord Covenant. Navigate quickly to the section you need using the sidebar on the right.

For information on how the Covenants compare to each other, see the PvE Quick Guide.

This guide has been updated for Patch 9.2 and is regularly updated when discussion, theorycrafting, or testing yields new information.


For Necrolord, all 3 soulbinds are very close in damage output. That being said, at max renown Emeni wins in all content.


Class Ability

 Bonedust Brew: this is an interesting ability as it has the highest Single Target 10 second burst of all Covenants, but falls behind Kyrian once  Bonedust Brew falls off. In Multi Target the burst is high and frequent enough that it will stay ahead in sustained AoE. This ability is at its strongest in Mythic Plus or fights where you have a bunch of targets to hit during its window. This covenant synergizes well with Calculated Strikes

You’ll want to use this after you have build up Chi and generated stacks for  Spinning Crane Kick if possible.


Signature Ability

Fleshcraft. This is a 3-second channeled ability that provides a shield that is equal to 40% of your maximum health and reduces your damage taken by 20% while channeling. It’s a strong defensive, but comes with the downside of it being a 3 second long channel. With windwalker already have 2 low cooldown defensives you will rarely use Fleshcraft defensively. In stead opt to use it for Volatile Solvent and Pustule Eruption


Soulbinds Quick Info

The conduits shown in the recommended paths are picked for a single target situation, for more information on what conduits to take in different scenarios visit the PvE Quick Guide

  • Overall: Good
  • Raiding: Great
  • Mythic+: Good


Recommended Path


  • Overall: Great
  • Raiding: Great
  • Mythic+: Great


Recommended Path


  • Overall: Good
  • Raiding: Good
  • Mythic+: Good


Recommended Path



Soulbinds In-Depth

Conduit Slots
  • Guaranteed: 1 x Endurance and 2 x Potency
  • Choice 1: Endurance OR Potency OR Finesse
  • Choice 2: Endurance OR Finesse
  • Choice 3: Endurance OR Finesse


Soulbind Nodes

1. Volatile Solvent – Fleshcraft’s passive effect consumes a corpse’s essence completely, granting a benefit based on the creature’s type.

You can get some use out of this in Mythic+ or any raid fights with adds in them, which type of creature grants which benefit can be found in the wowhead comments section.

2. Ooz’s Frictionless Coating – When reduced below 50% health, Ooz courses over you, granting you a shield for 15% of your maximum health for 10 seconds. Can only occur once every 30 seconds.

A 15% shield can reduce a big chunk of incoming damage which is really useful on progression fights and in higher Mythic+ in which you drop below 50% quite often. It also allows you to more casually heal other people up while keeping your own health stable.

3. Travel with Bloop – While standing still, you build stacks of Bloop’s Wanderlust. At 5 stacks, you gain 10% increased movement speed for 2 minutes.

This is a really small movement buff, it’s not worth standing still to get this.

4. Plaguey’s Preemptive Strike – Your first attack or spell cast on an enemy increases your damage done to them by 10% for 10 sec. Limit 1.

This trait’s only niche is constantly spawning adds that come one at a time, this hasn’t happened so far on any fight in shadowlands.

5. Kevin’s Keyring – Allows opening of locks that require up to 60 skill, once every 12 hours. Each 1 sec spent channeling Fleshcraft reduces Kevin’s Keyring’s cooldown by 60 min.

Mythic+ dungeons in Shadowlands have no lockpicking stuff so this would only be useful for lockboxes.

6. Plagueborn Cleansing Slime – Defeating enemies has a chance to spawn a Plagueborn Cleansing Slime, which improves your armor’s remaining durability.

Repair gold is easy to come by, so this is just flavour stuff really.

7. Ultimate Form – While channeling Fleshcraft, you are immune to crowd control and you regenerate 2% health every 1 sec. If you finish the full channel, you gain 3 sec of crowd control immunity, during which you regenerate 2% health every 1 sec.

Really good for PvP to counter predictable enemy CC, can see some use in Mythic+ for that reason as well. In raids, this does nothing though and the heal isn’t really that much.

8. Viscous Trail – When struck by a snare, you drop a puddle that lasts for 10 sec. Enemies that step in the puddle are slowed by 70% for 5 sec. May only occur once every 60 sec.

This is only ever useful in PVP.

9. Undulating Maneuvers – While above 80% health, 5% of damage taken is absorbed and spread out over 5 sec.

Spreading out damage is nice, but 5% is barely noticeable.

10. Kevin’s Oozeling – Activating your Necrolord class ability summons Kevin’s Oozeling to fight alongside you for 20 sec. His attacks cause your enemies to take 6% additional damage from you and he periodically grants your allies an absorb shield that absorbs X damage.

This trait is quite strong for us because of the short cooldown on Bonedust Brew.

Conduit Slots
  • Guaranteed: 1 x Finesse and 1 x Endurance and 1x Potency
  • Choice 1: Potency OR Endurance
  • Choice 2: Potency OR Endurance OR Finesse
  • Choice 3: Endurance OR Finesse


Soulbind Nodes

1. Lead by Example – Ativating your Necrolord class ability increases your Primary Stat by 5% and up to 4 nearby allies’ primary stat by 2% for 10 sec. You gain 2% additional Primary Stat for each ally affected.

The range on this is very small and you will only be able to hit your fellow melee players. The bonus for friendlies is a nice bonus that they will appriciate.

2. Emeni’s Magnificent SkinFleshcraft increases maximum health by 5% for 30 seconds.

5% is a really marginal amount. This won’t really make a difference.

3. Emeni’s Ambulatory FleshFleshcraft is channelable while moving.

This is some real nice utility for when you’re moving and you don’t have need for a shield coming up, or you suddenly need to move from a mechanic during your channel.

4. Cartilaginous Legs – After taking fall damage, the health lost will turn into a shield that lasts for 30 seconds.

Once again, useless if there’s no fight that involves fall damage. However, on fights that do, this will keep your effective health exactly the same and give you a chance to heal it up while other mechanics are happening.

5. Hearth Kidneystone – You may attune your Hearth Kidneystone to any resting location and return to it. This has a 12 hour cooldown which is reduced by 5 minutes for every killing blow you deliver.

Basically an extra Hearthstone for world content. Considering the scarcity of Flight Paths in some places, this might be quicker for travelling in some cases.

6. Gristled Toes – Movement speed is increased by 3% for every nearby enemy, up to 15%.

A minor movement speed increase which is mostly active in Mythic+. You won’t need this often.

7. Gnashing Chompers – Gain 3% Haste for 10 seconds after defeating an enemy, stacking up to 15%.

In Mythic+, where you mostly kill trash at the same time, this will only really be active towards the end of a trash pack. In raids, you won’t get a noticeable benefit from this.

8. Sulfuric Emission – When reduced below 20% health, you fear nearby enemies for 3.5 seconds. Can only occur once every 60 seconds.

Your tank is going to hate you if you run this in Mythic+. Thankfully, most adds in raids are immune to fear.

9. Sole Slough – After standing still for 5 sec, the next time you move you and nearby allies gain 20% increased movement speed for 10 sec.

It won’t make a big difference but it’s another nice little bonus, that is, if you can actually stand still.

10. Resilient Stitching – While above 90% health, you gain a shield that absorbs X magic damage for 1 min. This effect may only occur once every 1 min.

This shields for 15% of your max health, boosted by versatility. If you could time it this would be a good trait, sadly this will mostly get eaten up by non-threatening damage.

11. Pustule Eruption – Fleshcraft covers you in 3 pustules per 1 sec channeled. Taking damage or being healed pops a pustule, dealing X Nature damage to nearby enemies and healing nearby allies for X split between them.

Proccing this is very easy as overhealing also counts. It does a lot of damage and turns Fleshcraft into a dps ability.

Conduit Slots
  • Guaranteed: 1 x Finesse and 1 x Endurance and 1x Potency
  • Choice 1: Potency OR Endurance
  • Choice 2: Potency OR Endurance OR Finesse
  • Choice 3: Endurance OR Finesse


Soulbind Nodes

1. Forgeborne Reveries – Your Primary Stat and Armor are increased by 1% for each enchantment on your armor, up to 3%. Upon death your armor anchors your soul, allowing you to fight for an additional 10 sec. During this time, your damage and healing done is reduced by 50% and you cannot receive healing.

This can help your raid get a teeny tiny bit further on progress attempts and possibly prevent full team wipes in Mythic+. Quite a solid Soulbind ability to have.

2. Resourceful Fleshcrafting – Fleshcraft’s passive effect reduces the cooldown by an additional 1 sec when it consumes a corpse.

In raids you won’t get any benefit from this and in Mythic+ it will be so tiny it will hardly be noticeable.

3. Serrated Spaulders – Inflict X Shadow damage to your attacker over 5 sec when hit at melee range.

Basically a permanent Thorns effect but in the form of damage over time. It will help you kill stuff a bit quicker in world content, but in Mythic+ and raids, where you shouldn’t have aggro at all, this won’t do much.

4. Runeforged Spurs – Mounted movement speed is increased by 5%. If attacked while mounted, mounted movement speed is increased by an additional 10% for 30 sec.

Woohoo, you can run past enemies while doing world quests a bit quicker! If you don’t get dazed, that is.

5. Bonesmith’s Satchel – You have a chance to obtain a satchel of a bonesmith’s preferred ore and gems when you kill an enemy that yields experience or honor.

Free materials = free gold.

6. Heirmir’s Arsenal: Gorestompers – Damaging or healing a target below 35% health grants you 35% increased movement speed for 5 seconds once you start moving. Can only occur once every minute.

A moderate speed boost, but it won’t occur that often. It would have to line up perfectly with mechanics to make this worth using. However, it does come with a Potency slot to get there.

7. Heirmir’s Arsenal: Marrowed Gemstone – After landing 10 critical strikes, you gain 18% increased Critical Strike chance for 10 seconds. Can only occur once every minute.

On average this will net you somewhere around 3% Critical Strike chance over a fight’s duration. It’s a strong trait and often better than taking another potency conduit.

8. Heirmir’s Arsenal: Ravenous Pendant – Defeating an enemy restores 3% of your maximum health every 6 seconds, for 6 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. Adding a stack refreshes the duration.

The heal is weak considering it is competing with options that deal extra damage. Even for solo content it is often better to kill enemies quicker and use our build-in healing tools to top yourself off.

9. Carver’s Eye – Damaging an enemy above 90% health grants you 152 Mastery for 5 sec, up to 5 stacks. You cannot gain this benefit from the same target for 10 sec.

While the mastery bonus is quite high, most of the time you waste some up time of it as you are tagging the mobs to get ready to deal damage.

10. Waking Bone Breastplate – When 3 or more enemies are nearby, your maximum health is increased by 5%. This effect lingers for 5 seconds.

5% isn’t that much, combine that with this trait competing with a trait that adds damage and you can already see how nobody will take this.

11. Mnemonic Equipment – When you damage an enemy that’s below 35% health, 3% of the damage done is repeated over 5 sec. Healing an ally grants them the ability to have their damage repeat this way at 30% effectiveness for 5 sec. Limit 2.

This is currently bugged and doesn’t work on many of our abilities, this is a big nerf to it’s strength and weakens the soulbind as a whole.


Using Bonedust Brew

What abilities you should use during Bonedust Brew depends on how many enemies are in-range, your Mark of the Crane stacks and if you are using Calculated Strikes. If  Spinning Crane Kick is your best ability you should attempt to get as many casts off during Bonedust Brew as possible, even going as far as dropping mastery if you have some haste to reduce the channel time. To give you an idea here is an example of 1 scenario with 5 targets, 5 stacks and all your cooldowns running.

Whirling Dragon Punch will always be worth using during Bonedust Brew and you should make sure Rising Sun Kick and Fists of Fury are on cooldown beforehand if they will not be worth using according to the information below.

Again, the information below is for during Bonedust Brew ONLY! It also assumes you have the 2-Tier bonus.

Single Target

You should start using  Spinning Crane Kick to replace:


You should start using  Spinning Crane Kick to replace:



Changes with Covenant


While Dance of Chi-Ji will give you 1 Chi if you cast it during your Bonedust Brew it is not enough to change anything and should only be taken for Multi Target. For dungeons you can swap to Spiritual Focus for short-lived packs that don’t allow you to get your Whirling Dragon Punch ready before your burst. You can also pick Energizing Elixir if you are chain casting  Spinning Crane Kick



You will want to value Mastery a bit less for fights with a lot of targets where you will be chain casting  Spinning Crane Kick