Advanced: Venthyr


Welcome to PeakofSerenity’s Windwalker Monk PvE Venthyr Guide. This guide is designed to be a more in-depth look at the Venthyr Covenant. Navigate quickly to the section you need using the sidebar on the right.

For information on how the Covenants compare to each other, see the PvE Quick Guide.

This guide has been updated for Patch 9.2 and is regularly updated when discussion, theorycrafting, or testing yields new information.


The first recommendation is to not use this Covenant if you’re looking to maximize DPS. If you choose it for another reason then I’m proud of you and wish I had the willpower that you do, but I don’t. However, if you do choose this then you’ll likely look to use Nadjia the Mistblade as your primary Soulbind due to being the least awful of a relatively poor collection of Soulbind options.



Class Ability

Fallen Order. This covenant ability does not have any special interactions with the rest of our kit and can be used as a fire-and-forget.


Signature Ability

Door of Shadows. This is a very situational in terms of power. Monk is already an extremely mobile DPS so moving quickly from place to place is not something we struggle with. The ability also has a cast time which will limit its usefulness in combat. You may be able to use this to skip packs in Mythic+ or positionally setup for certain encounters.


Soulbinds Quick

The conduits shown in the recommended paths are picked for a single target situation, for more information on what conduits to take in different scenarios visit the PvE Quick Guide

  • Overall: Great
  • Raiding: Great
  • Mythic+: Great


Recommended Path

  • Overall: Good
  • Raiding: Good
  • Mythic+: Good


Recommended Path


  • Overall: Meh
  • Raiding: Meh
  • Mythic+: Meh


Recommended Path


Soulbinds In-Depth

Conduit Slots
  • Guaranteed: 1 x Finesse and 1 x Endurance and 1 x Potency
  • Choice 1: Potency OR Endurance
  • Choice 2: Potency OR Endurance OR Finesse
  • Choice 3: Finesse OR Endurance


Soulbind Nodes

1. Thrill Seeker – While in combat, you gain a stack of Thrill Seeker every 2 seconds, or 4 stacks when you kill an enemy. At 40 stacks, they are consumed to grant you Euphoria, which increases Haste by 20% for 10 seconds. Thrill Seeker decays rapidly while not in combat.

20% Haste for 10 seconds every 80 seconds in raids is a 2.5% bonus on average. Not bad for a passive bonus which you have to do absolutely nothing for to maintain it.

2. Agent of ChaosDoor of Shadows disorients all nearby enemies at the target location for 6 seconds when you appear.

This can make you use Door of Shadows as an AoE interrupt in Mythic+ which is really strong to have. In raids however this will be practically useless.

3. Fancy FootworkDoor of Shadows increases your movement speed by 40%, decaying over 6 seconds.

It might help you with kiting to get away quicker, but other than that we don’t need the extra movement speed.

4. Friends in Low Places – You loot 20% more Infused Rubies, and dredgers throughout Revendreth offer you an expanded selection of goods.

Open world stuff only, this doesn’t do anything for you in PvE or PvP content.

5. Familiar Predicaments – The duration of incoming interrupt, snare and root effects are reduced by 25%.

Pretty big in PvP. Can be useful in PvE as well if you’re snared/rooted and Tiger’s Lust is on cooldown.

6. Exacting Preparation – The benefits of Well Fed, Flask and weapon enchant effects are increased by 20%.

These bonuses aren’t big enough to warrant taking an Endurance Conduit to get to it.

7. Dauntless Duelist – The first enemy you damage in combat is marked as your Adversary. You deal 3% more damage to them, and they deal 1.5% less damage to you. You can only have one Adversary at a time.

3% more DPS on boss fights (less on Mythic+ due to AoE and targets dying), but the Finesse Conduit it takes to get here makes it less desirable.

8. Sinful Preservation – Health Potions and Healthstones grant you an absorb shield equal to 50% of the amount healed for 20 sec.

This will shield you for roughly 12% of your maximum health which can make the difference between surviving and dying.

9. Nimble Steps – Enemies within 8 yds are slowed by 10%. If you fall below 35% health, enemies within 8 yds are rooted for 4 sec. This can only occur once every 60 sec.

Windwalkers already have an easy time getting away from enemies, adding this is a bit overkill. 

10. Fatal Flaw – When the Haste effect of Euphoria ends, gain 10 sec of either 20% increased Critical Strike chance or Versatility, whichever you currently have more of.

Sadly this is granted after Euphoria, otherwise it could make for a good burst window. It’s alright still, but it had the potential to be more.

Conduit Slots
  • Guaranteed: 2 x Potency and 1 x Endurance
  • Choice 1: Endurance OR Finesse
  • Choice 2: Endurance OR Finesse OR Potency
  • Choice 3: Finesse OR Endurance


Soulbind Nodes

1. Soothing Shade – Your spells and abilities have a chance to call Tubbins and Gubbins to your side for 12 seconds, who have a parasol in hand. Standing in the shaded area grants you 525 Mastery rating.

This gives us 18.75% Mastery when active, but due to it being Mastery rating it’s affected by diminishing returns. Still, 18.75% free Mastery is kind of big if you can stay in the shaded area which will be hit or miss depending on the encounter.

2. Watch the Shoes!Door of Shadows frees you from roots and snares.

We have Tiger’s Lust for this, but it’s a nice quality-of-life effect if that’s on cooldown.

3. Leisurely GaitDoor of Shadows has 2 charges, but its cooldown is increased by 30 seconds.

Given how mobile we are already, a second charge won’t change much. We would very, very, very rarely use Door of Shadows twice in a row if we had it.

4. Life of the Party – During the Ember Court, your guests gain additional happiness for each event completed. When the Court concludes, the effects of any decrees bestowed upon you are increased.

Doesn’t do anything for you in either PvE or PvP content.

5. Exquisite Ingredients – You have a chance to obtain an assortment of flavourful herbs and beverages when you kill an enemy that yields experience or honor.

Free materials = free gold!

6. Token of Appreciation – Grant a shield that absorbs 1544 damage to allies who aid you with healing or beneficial magic effects. You will only shield each ally once every 20 seconds.

They heal you, they get a shield… coooool

7. Refined Palate – The effects of combat potions last 100% to 200% longer.

This is a nice passive bonus to how much you benefit from potions. Them being active for up to 3 times as long as pretty big, but its hard to quantify since its so variable.

8. Wasteland ProprietyFallen Order signals the start of tea time, giving you 6% Versatility and up to 4 nearby allies 4% Versatility for 30 seconds.

This is a nice bonus to have while Fallen Order is up. Seeing as you’d only really press Fallen Order when you need heavy dps, the Versatility comes in handy. The 4% Versatility for 4 allies is a nice bonus to make your group do more DPS.

9. It’s Always Tea Time – When Soothing Shade activates, Tubbins and Gubbins each offer you a cup of tea, healing you for X health every 1 sec and reducing damage taken by 5% while standing in the shaded area.

This heal and damage reduction is almost negligible even if you manage to stay inside the small area.

10. Life is but an appetizer – While you are Well Fed, gain 60 Speed and 60 Avoidance.

The speed isn’t very useful, but 4.3% avoidance is actually really strong as it works against most forms of damage in a raid environment.

11. Party Favors – Speak with Theotar in Sinfall to obtain The Mad Duke’s Tea. Drinking The Mad Duke’s Tea increases your Haste, Versatility, Critical Strike Chance, or Primary Stat for 4 hrs. You can only have the effects of one of The Mad Duke’s Tea at a time.

While the effect is quite strong, it feels really bad having to choice when to have the bonus up

Conduit Slots
  • Guaranteed: 2 x Potency and 1 x Endurance 
  • Choice 1: Endurance OR Finesse
  • Choice 2: Endurance OR Finesse OR Potency
  • Choice 3: Finesse OR Endurance


Soulbind Nodes

1. Service in Stone – Damage taken below 40% health is reduced by 10%. Upon death you leave a stone husk behind which shatters after 3 seconds, inflicting 100% of your maximum health in damage split among nearby enemies, and healing for 100% of your maximum health split among nearby allies.

Taking less damage when it’s most dangerous is a nice thing. It can help finish off trash when you die towards the end of a pull in Mythic+ or give your allies a little bit of a health boost while you run back to them. In raids, the on-death effect won’t do that much.

2. Move As One – When a nearby ally gains temporary increased movement speed, you also gain the benefit, up to 30% for 8 seconds.

A free moderate movement speed increase. We don’t really have a use for it, but it might make the difference in being able to move out of a mechanic in time.

3. Enduring GloomDoor of Shadows grants you a shield that absorbs damage equal to 15% of your maximum health. Lasts 8 seconds.

The shield doesn’t really last long enough to make it good. It might be useful in niche situations in which you’re missing health and you know you can’t survive a mechanic without the shield, but due to the cast time of Door of Shadows it is probably better to heal yourself up with a vivify in that time anyway.

4. Unbreakable Body – Your equipment takes 50% less durability damage from dying.

Less repair costs, saves you gold!

5. Expedition Leader – Leaving a resting area increases your mounted speed by 10% and your out-of-combat regeneration by 100%. Lasts for 10 minutes. The effect is refreshed when completing a World Quest.

It speeds up doing world quests, but that’s it. No impact on PvE or PvP.

6. Hold Your Ground – Standing still for at least 4 seconds grants you 10% increased Stamina and 4% increased healing done. This effect persists for 6 seconds after you start moving.

Increasing your health pool by 10% to survive a mechanic just by standing still can make the difference between life and death in some situations. Even though 6 seconds after you start moving isn’t much, you can still use it to make it a bit easier to barely survive otherwise lethal damage. It technically provides a small DPS increase since we have several abilities that scale off of our health.

7. Superior Tactics – Interrupting an enemy or dispelling an ally increases your critical strike chance by 10% for 10 seconds. This can only occur once every 30 seconds.

If you can consistently interrupt this might see some use. However, if you can’t, its value quickly diminishes.

8. Built for War – While you are above 80% health you gain 1% Agility every 3 seconds, stacking up 4 times. If you fall below 50% health, the effect is lost.

On higher Mythic+ and when doing challenging raids this might be more difficult to keep up. However, if you can, a 4% Agility bonus is pretty nice.

9. Regenerative Stone Skin – Any overhealing done to you will heal for an additional 15% of the overhealing amount over 6 sec.

Overhealing is unavoidable and making some use out of it is very nice.

10. Intimidation Tactics – While below 50% health, Door of Shadows cools down 50% faster.

Why is this a thing. Just … no

11. Battlefield Presence – Each nearby enemy trembles at your presence, increasing your damage and healing done by 1%, and reducing damage taken by 1%, up to a maximum of 3 enemies.

Even at max stacks this isn’t that impressive for a final trait.


Using Fallen Order

There is no special changes for the Rotation with Venthyr, you simply use  Fallen Order when its up and save it for periods of increased damage due to stat buffs or fight mechanics as long as it doesn’t cost you a cast later in the fight.


Changes with Covenant


There is no special changes for Talents with Venthyr.



There is no special changes for Gearing with Venthyr.