I’ll be covering some strategy for the Windwalker Artifact Challenge appearance. The artifact appearance is a reward from completing Feltotem’s Fall, a solo scenario that requires the Mage Tower building to be active on the Broken Shore.


  • Notxes – https://www.twitch.tv/videos/133132233
  • Pandanaconda – https://www.twitch.tv/videos/134835073
  • I forgot to record my kill, didnt expect to one shot it on the 2nd day.




First you will need to collect a good amount of Nethershards. Each attempt, after the first, at this challenge requires 100 Nethershard, and its going to take you a few tries. You can certainly finish the scenario without all these preparations, but it will make it easier. Be prepared for it to take a few attempts, regardless of gear and preparation, you need to execute this encounter nearly flawlessly. Don’t get discouraged.


Its recommended to have an item level of around 890. Lower item levels will make the fight last much longer and more difficult to consistently perform the movement and interrupts. Having an item level above 900, the T19 set bonuses, strong trinkets, and an artifact above 36 traits will make it noticeably easier.


While you can complete this fight without legendaries, several can make it much easier.

If you don’t have either of these, just use the best legendaries you have available.


Nothing surprising:

  •  Drums of Fury
  •  Flask of the Seventh Demon
  •  Lavish Suramar Feast or  Nightborne Delicacy Platter
  •  Ancient Healing Potion
  •  Potion of Prolonged Power


Nothing special, standard single target build. Choosing between Serenity and Whirling Dragon Punch can largely be left up to personal preference. Serenity will provide more single target damage, but a little more difficulty with the adds, and Whirling Dragon Punch will make the adds easier, at the cost of slightly less single target damage.

Healing Elixir should be the default choice, although Diffuse Magic can be used to survive some mechanics.


Challenge Guide

This scenario consists of killing two targets, Tugar Bloodtotem and Jormog the Behemoth. The best strategy is to kill Tugar Bloodtotem first, as Jormog the Behemoth is much easier to deal with solo. Once one is dead, the other will deal 150% increased damage. The fight should last around 8 minutes depending on your gear. You’ll need to avoid most or all avoidable damage, keep yourself alive, and not miss any interrupts.

Boss Abilities

Tugar Bloodtotem

Jormog the Behemoth

  • Jormog the Behemoth can be pretty nearly ignored while you focus on Tugar Bloodtotem as he will remain stationary on the edge of the area. When he tunnels, you need to avoid getting hit as you will be stunned in addition to taking damage.
  • Fel Hardened Scales – Starting the fight with 9 stacks, Jormog takes a total of 90% reduced damage. He loses a stack when he charges through the rocks that are dropped on the ground during Earthquake.
  • Sonic Scream – This is cast periodically when Jormog is stationary on the side of the platform. It does noticeable, but non-lethal damage when Tugar Bloodtotem is still alive. Once Tugar Bloodtotem dies, Jormog gains 150% damage, which makes this spell very dangerous. This is where  Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus is a HUGE benefit. This can be interrupted through Paralysis and Leg Sweep.
  • Fel-Infused Saliva – This will only be lethal if paired with other potentially lethal abilities.

Phase 1: Tugar

  • You want to start this fight with a pre-pot and any other consumables. You can pull Tugar into the center of the room so that there is limited movement during the other portions of the fight.
  • Interrupt every Fel Burst. You can interrupt every one by alternating Paralysis, Spear Hand Strike, and Leg Sweep as simply using Spear Hand Strike cuts the timer very close. This is the biggest key to the fight and you will need to continue to stop this cast while performing all other mechanics.
  • Minimize damage during Earthquake by avoiding getting hit by the rocks falling from the ceiling.
  • Cleave and burst down eggs and when they spawn.
  • Avoid getting hit by Jormog while he tunnels and charges and do what you can to guide him into the rocks that dropped on the floor so he loses stacks of Fel Hardened Scales
  • Fel Surge Totem will spawn throughout the fight. They must be killed immediately as they will stun you for 5s which likely results in a wipe.

Phase 2: Jormog

  • After Tugar is killed, Jormog gains 150% increased damage and will not tunnel under the ground anymore, nor will add spawn. This is a simple tank and spank DPS race, so every stack of Fel Hardened Scales that you were able to remove in Phase 1, will make this phase easier and faster.
  • You will want to be sure to have as many cooldowns and second potion for this phase as you need to kill him as quickly as possible.
  • You can interrupt nearly all casts of Sonic Scream using both Leg Sweep and Paralysis.
  • Rinse and repeat until one of you die.


Kill everything. Interrupt or stun everything. Keep yourself alive.

With practice and gear, this scenario is very doable, typically considered one of the easiest appearance scenarios. After a dozen or so attempts the previous night (after raid so I was struggling to attend to all the interrupts), I was able to one-shot it on the second day with an item level of 912 and both recommended legendaries, although an item level that high is certainly not required, the legendaries were the biggest boon in making the scenario easy.

I hope this was helpful and you get to enjoy the only artifact appearance that justified me not hiding my fist weapons, no matter how temporary.