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Class Development Post:

Part 4: Artifacts and Miscellanous

Artifact Trait Carryovers

As I previously mentioned in the Abilities Wishlist, I believe Gale Burst should be combined with, or made the main mechanic of, Touch of Death. It encourages CD stacking as well as provides further scaling and benefit to other stats rather than being a rarity of specs that have DPS scaling from Stamina. Thunderfist should also become baseline, as a way to increase single target DPS through AOE, or combined with Mark of the Crane as a way to tag more targets quicker with a well aimed Strike of the Windlord.

The next aspect of Artifacts that I believe should be carried over is Inner Peace. The increase cap on energy allows for more pooling and set up time for damage, which further rewards forethought and skill. DPS-wise, an increase to an energy cap doesn’t provide much DPS, but it does give you flexibility and more time to set up.

Tornado Kicks should be kept just for the double backflip visual.

Transfer the Power and Crosswinds can be kept as well, as a way to increase Fists of Fury damage, but I’d put these pretty far down on my priority list as they rarely merited any thought or change in playstyle, so I’d prefer any of my other suggestions over these.

Good Karma and Healing Winds provide good survivability boosts and foster creative use of their respective abilities.



I had several fun ideas for this section, but lost them when I closed the wrong tab so I’m left with a suggestion so obvious, that it should have been put in place back in Mists of Pandaria:

All Monks should receive a 5% boost to their DPS, HPS, and survivability, simply for being Pandaren. Pandarens where the original Monks, so those Pandaren trained in the Art of the Monk have been practicing for significantly longer than those of other races that were merely taught by the Pandaren a few years ago. One thing that’s clear and consistent in many Martial Arts media, is that it takes years and years of practice and study to perfect the combat styles. Pandaren are the only races that have been studying long enough to maximize their training. It would be consistent with the study of Marital Arts, for Pandaren to receive a boost to their abilities as a Monk, as many of them have been training since a very young age. Obviously I’m also open to lore-based bonuses for other classes as well, but I feel that no Race-Class combo is so obvious and grounded in canon, as Pandaren Monks.

If any of the other ideas I had come back to me, I’ll be sure to update this page.



I hope you enjoyed my lengthy wishlist and the reasoning behind it. If you happen to be a representative from Blizzard then feel free to use as many of my ideas as possible, I hope that I explained the well enough so they can be seriously considered as ways to improve a class that doesn’t need much.

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