Not too long ago, the developer and owner of made an announcement that he would stop development on the site and disable the analysis at a later date. I suggest you read this if you want to know more :

Because of this, we have been working the last few months to implement Windwalker to WoW Analyzer and are now at a point where we believe it is complete enough to provide a comprehensive Windwalker log analysis.

What is new?

We have so far mostly been adding features that CheckMyWow’s breakdown was already showing, and almost all of those are implemented. However, the way WoW Analyzer is set up allows us to look at and get a breakdown of the value of more things. WoW Analyzer can tell you how much damage you gained from various items and tierset bonuses, and it will also report how much uptime and benefit you had from stuff like Concordance and Netherlight Crucible traits. In general we have much more potential to make the analyzer show whatever we want.

Some things still missing

Even though WoW Analyzer has a lot of great new advantages and possibilities, there are still some features that are missing or less comprehensive than they were on CheckMyWow. WoW Analyzer currently doesn’t show how much of the fight you were energy capped, fists of fury ticks are only reported as the average amount of ticks, and there is no breakdown of cooldown timings similar to that of CMW.

It’s currently planned to add an energy cap tracker, and the Fists of Fury ticks statistic box will sometime soon report when it was cancelled early similarly to the way the mastery statistic shows when you used an ability twice in a row. While there is no breakdown on cooldown timings, there is however a breakdown of what abilities are used in the duration of Serenity/Touch of Death/Storm, Earth and Fire, which should tell you if they were mistimed. There is also still a few legendary items missing a benefit breakdown, namely The Wind Blows, Drinking Horn Cover and Hidden Masters Forbidden Touch, and the cast efficiency doesn’t account for the Tier 20 reduction to Fists of Fury. The legendary items will likely be added sometime soon, but Tier 20 likely won’t receive any further support.

What are you waiting for!?

Go try it out and get familiar with it. The Analyzer is constantly being updated and there is always stuff to add or improve. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to reach out to me on Discord and i will take a look at it.