This is the build I have been waiting for for a long time.


Changes This Build

  • Vivify baseline heal increased from 100% Spell power to 105% Spell power. Vivify heal on Renewing Mist targets increased from 60% Spell power to 70% Spell power.
  • Uplifting Trance increases the power of your next Vivify by 30%, down from 40%.


This is a huge buff for Vivify healing over…any period of time. The only case where this is a nerf is when you’re comparing only the single target heal when buffed by an Uplifting Trance, where this build’s version is only 2.5% behind what it had been. Which, since you have an Uplifting Trance buff active, is hard to actually run into while playing.

Every other scenario, this is a buff. For example, at 2 Renewing Mists out in the group, Vivify‘s healing has been buffed by 11.4%. To properly understand this, here’s a graph showing how much of a change this build brought to Vivify casts at different numbers of Renewing Mists in the group.

Removing power from a truly RNG buff (no procs per minute guarantee, no deck system, just a percent chance on Renewing Mist heal event), and placing it into the baseline cast of the spell allows for more consistent healing from the spell when the numbers aren’t in your favor. This also lessens the impact of even more RNG from another proc overwriting one you had just gotten, since not as much of the spell’s total throughput was just lost to an overwrite. There are a couple more quality of life changes I’d still like to see with this system, the main one being that I’d like to see Uplifting Trance stack instead of overwrite itself, or for more consistency in its proc timing so that you’re not penalized for RNG outside of your control.

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