Another week, another build.


Changes This Build



Brought up in a blue post late last week, these changes are, succinctly, a quality of life improvement in raids and a great buff for Mythic plus and other small group content.

I touched on it in the last build’s post, but I’ll elaborate a bit more in this build. Uplifting Trance, to be balanced, had to take some of the baseline power from Vivify in order for an Uplifting Trance‘d Vivify to not heal for an absurd amount of health. This was doubly true in Legion thanks to the traits in the Sheilun that provided a more stable rate of procs with longer duration on Renewing Mist, as well as more instances of Renewing Mist through Dancing Mist. However, with the scarcer amount of Uplifting Trance procs available to Mistweavers in Battle for Azeroth, the argument for this harsh trade off has become weaker. With the original intent of the buff, Renewing Mist interaction in group healing outside of being a standard HoT effect, being reintroduced into the game, its class fantasy component also dwindled. Its removal allows a regular Vivify to be immediately impactful when its needed, which it definitely is now.

Renewing Mist going (back) to a charge system is amazing when you have any group wide burst inside dungeons, where Essence Font is hamstrung because of how its designed to lose bolts the fewer targets there are in range. Being able to pool these charges for incoming damage, or better yet use Focused Thunder to push out two 30 second long Renewing Mists to the group back to back, is amazing for this type of content. In raids, this a simple quality of life fix that allows you to not be punished for finishing up a cast or channel as Renewing Mist comes off cooldown. Its a nice buffer that also gives some slight burst potential in any fight that has you heal a smaller group occasionally.

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