8.2 approaches, and while not a ton is changing for Windwalkers, there are new things being introduced to the game that tweaks things around a little bit. As things are continued to get figured out, this page will be updated to reflect changes. The main Windwalker PvE guide has also been updated with these changes.



There are some changes to talents that many saw coming, or started to feel, but the continued increase of stats or introduction of Reverse Harm costing a little less than Tiger Palm moves our talents around a smidge.

  • Tier 1 (lv15) – Because of the wealth of filled GCDs and resources provided by our Azerite traits, this talent tier can pretty much be personal preference, Chi Wave is a much more reasonable choice for PURE single target. Chi Burst for any time that you can hit a second target even once.
  • Tier 2 (lv30) – No change; personal preference
  • Tier 3 (lv45) – Like with lv15 talents, the wealth of resources we have makes this tier pretty much even across the board, so it can be left up to personal preference. As far as defaults, it moves Ascension to the top for single target (most raid bosses) since it provides an extra cushion of Chi, Fist of the White Tiger for multi-target (Most M+) since its much easier to make use of all the extra resources.
  • Tier 4 (lv60) – Personal Preference; Good Karma or Ring of Peace as reasonable defaults
  • Tier 5 (lv75) – Dampen Harm for physical, Diffuse Magic for magic damage
  • Tier 6 (lv90) – Because of more stats that benefit one but not the other Hit Combo is the best for sustain single target or AOE or a mix (most content), Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger becomes usable for burst single target or up to 3 targets
  • Tier 7 (lv100) – Whirling Dragon Punch for all situations



Not much changes in the Priority other than slotting in Reverse Harm as often as you can if you have Conflict and Strife. It falls just after Rising Sun Kick in single target, and as often as possible in AOE.

Fists of Fury also now officially moves ahead of Rising Sun Kick since we can reasonably assume that people have at least one Open Palm Strikes.

The opener doesn’t really change much, you just slot in Reverse Harm in place of Tiger Palm whenever its available. You also just start a fight with 2 Tiger Palm, without worrying about Mastery for that second.


Gear, Stats, Azerite

No real changes in these areas, continue to get what you can and use Raidbots. You’ll almost certainly want one Force Multiplier on one weapon.



Currently the Mechagon trinket: Pocket-Sized Computation Device was strong when you use Cyclotronic Blast, now its nerfed, but is still super strong when combined with SEF/ToD.

Courtesy of @wizard dog:

Even though you can no longer cast spells during the channel, the Cyclotronic trinket now crits and seems to still be strong for single target. Cyclotronic opener: Fotwt/RH > TP > ToD > SEF > Trinket > RSK > TP > FoF > WDP Important to note that both on pull and mid fight you want to have the entire channel of the trinket inside a ToD+SEF window cause of a bug causing SEF to triple Gale Burst trinket damage (this might get fixed)

Highborne Compendium of Sundering is currently very strong and worth using.


Benthic Gear

Belts – https://www.raidbots.com/simbot/report/46uUiLsT1jPQXgxuee3pUV

  • Vim’s Scalecrusher Clasp – At 425 its on par with 445 raid gear as long as you’re in Nazjatar or Eternal Palace.
  • Fathomstalker Waistband – The sims don’t assume that the target is an Aberration, so its safe to assume that if you’re target is an Aberration, this is THE belt to use.

Bracers – https://www.raidbots.com/simbot/report/3EqbFo1pSsesQscLTf8m4L

  • Ori’s Tidal Wristwraps – As long as you’re in Nazjatar or EP, this is the bracers you want to use as its noticeably stronger than raid gear at 445.
  • Neri’s Wavebreaker Bindings – Although not as strong as Ori’s in single target, scales better with multiple targets, so would be used whenever there’s more than two targets to smack around.

Boots – https://www.raidbots.com/simbot/report/bbocJHARZiH8upW7hohKcJ

Gloves – https://www.raidbots.com/simbot/report/2td22wiCbFJMmiQS2KLEoC


These saw new recipes added, but for Gems and Enchants, nothing changes, you still use Raidbots.

For Flasks, you want to use the new Greater Flask of the Currents, Potion of Unbridled Fury for 1-3 targets, Potion of Empowered Proximity for 4 or more. Food will be whatever stat weight is highest from secondary stat food.



This is the section that you’re all looking for, so I’ll try to be as straightforward as possible. It’s going to work like this;

  1. 8.2 hits on June 25
  2. Get all the ones you can; prioritize Crucible of Flames and Purification Protocol
  3. Use Crucible of Flames for single target and Purification Protocol for multi-target
  4. Profit… for three weeks
  5. Season 3 starts on July 9th
  6. Get 500 Conquest and/or Rated PvP rating of 1000.
  7. Complete as high a M+ as you can
  8. Second week of Season 3 starts July 16th
  9. Open your weekly PvP chest for Conflict and Strife
  10. Open your weekly M+ chest for Focusing Iris.
  11. Check Peak to read the article that will come about Conflict and Strife and what to do with your Majors now.
  12. Once you can get the first Minor at AP 55, use Worldvein as your first Minor for raids and Vision of Perfection as your first Minor for M+
  13. When you get your second Minor at AP 65, use Conflict and Strife as your Minor in conjunction with the above if you’re not using it as a Major. Use both Vision and Worldvein as your Minors if you are using Conflict and Strife as your Major.


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