One final updated update before BlizzCon kicks off later this week. We have a few new posts I’d like to point out and some more discussion on existing items. If you want to jump in, you can head over to the Mistweaver specific site here, to add your own ideas and suggestions or comment on that already posted.

As always, the goal here is to develop a feedback gathering loop where we can take these ideas, develop them and bring them to the official Blizzard forums for exposure to a larger audience.

Also take a look at the sites for Brewmaster and Windwalker if not healing things are your jam.


Some New Blood in the Water

So we have a nice little run of new posts come up, with some cool new ideas. The first of which is an initial idea to make Mastery affect more of our kit. While this may be needed, I think the more prudent idea is to either leave Mastery as is or rework it completely. Adding additional Mastery procs on to more of our spells, like the Vivify cleave healing, would just result in that stat being way too overpowered, or nerfed to the point that we would avoid it like that plague, a la Legion. Another healing change was around having Jade Serpent Statue become baseline, and pulse in healing 25% of the damage we do, every 6 seconds. Having Jade Serprent Statue back with a slightly modified version of Eminence does seem cool, but I know Blizzard seems to be moving away from passive, full smart heals and as such I don’t know if this has a place in the current design philosophy.

One new post deals more with adding some additional utility to the class. Essentially changing our level 60 talent row to include an interrupt as an option. This leads to some interesting choices, even in raids, where you would balance having a displacement or an interrupt. An additional interrupt may be just what is needed for certain adds or just allowing the Mistweaver to contribute while being in melee range already.


Ongoing Discussions

A few existing threads had some new posts and ideas thrown out there. Thinking about Revival, some additional comments around the potential to add a +HP proc and remove the dispel portion of the spell was brought up. This would give us a cooldown to compete with some of the DR based CDs, along with not making the spell do too much. I think this would make Revival more interesting that it is today, but again, DR cooldown are generally always going to be stronger. And with keeping on the Cooldown train, the thread on Shaohao’s Sacrifice has some additional replies on the ideas behind a player based AoE DR / Ankh Totem type cooldown. Some interesting thoughts, so go check it out.

There are a lot of other discussions on going, so I would jump in today and get yourselves ready for the BlizzCon information dump coming this week.


8.3 PTR Updates

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention some of the ongoing 8.3 PTR updates. In the latest update, Blizzard announced they would be making some changes to Rising Mist. The change was:

  • Rising Mist healing increased 66%, and now extends Heal-over-time effects by 4 seconds (was 2 seconds).

Now with the slight increase in healing of Rising Mist and the HoT extension, the spell does begin to potentially get interesting in certain situations. Because they haven’t yet pushed this update to the PTR, we haven’t been able to test this live, but with the willingness of Blizzard to begin to make changes to Rising Mist, we may see the option to run this spell in Ny’alotha. It is still early to tell though, so keep your hopes moderated if you were excited about Fistweaving making a comeback late this expansion.


BlizzCon or Bust!

It is BlizzCon week. Get excited. Get Hyped. It should be a good time. If you are heading to the convention, stay safe and have fun. If not, still have fun and stay safe. I’ll be keeping an eye on the suggestions as we get closer to Friday, and make prune some of the low hanging items to keep the board clean going into BlizzCon. Let me know though if you think I closed your item too soon.

Until next time . . .