Class Changes

  • All ability damage increased by 3%. (Not part of 10.1.5, this was a hotfix from June 26)
  • All ability damage increased by 2%.

Other Changes


What This Means

  • Windwalker does slightly more damage, or slightly less depending on when you’re comparing your current sims to. Most people will probably see a 0-1% change increase in damage compared to before the hotfix buff, depending on replacement gear.
  • Sim whatever replacement rings you have to figure out exactly what you’re doing for your character. Remember that you can spend excess Sparks on crafted rings if you want (likely with Crit/Vers). You can also use Droptimizer to help find replacement drops.
  • Onyx Annulet will likely be beaten by pretty much any season 2 item level ring. Sim whatever replacement you have to be sure.
  • Seal of Diurna’s Chosen, assuming you have a mythic version with a socket, can stick around over 447 socketed stat rings, especially in single target. For other situations, sim whatever replacement you have to be sure.


Dawn of the Infinite Megadungeon

None of the gear in here is overly impressive, and whether you care about any of it will depend on what other gear you have access to. As sims get updated, and we know more about the pieces, this will be updated to reflect that. Use Droptimizer and Top Gear to sim your options.