Today’s Battle for Azeroth build is a little weird. Initially, the 26522 build was pushed, but, due to memory errors, no one was able to log on. Blizzard reverted this build to 26491, but datamining was already underway. Let’s get right to it.

New This Build

  • Renewing Mist should no longer munch itself if you cast it on someone that recently had a Renewing Mist jump to them.
    • Bluepost Source
    • Update: It appears to follow the same rules as its overhealing jumps, where casting Renewing Mist will push out the current one on the target only if an injured target without Renewing Mist is within the range of Renewing Mist‘s jump distance. Otherwise it will pandemic up to 26 seconds. If all injured targets within range have Renewing Mist active, it will refresh the target’s buff up to 26 seconds, even if lower duration Renewing Mists exist in range.
      • Credit to Total#8149 on discord for testing out the finer details of this change.
  • Invoke Chi-Ji the Red Crane has had its max duration reduced from 45 seconds to 25 seconds, but its Spell power per heal increased from 30% Spell power to 45% Spell power.
  • Ring of Peace duration lowered from 8 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • Essence Well name changed to Upwelling.


The Renewing Mist change is a nice quality of life buff, allowing us to use Renewing Mist on injured targets for Mastery: Gust of Mists to be effective, without running the risk of losing out power on later Vivify casts. So an overall slight buff to Mastery if you had been casting Renewing Mist on full health targets for maximum Renewing Mist coverage, since you can no longer fear losing out on Renewing Mists. Target selection is still important, as trying to apply Renewing Mists before damage and accidentally casting it on an injured target as a previous one jumps to it munches a Renewing Mist, but that’s predictable and your own fault instead of RNG.

Invoke Chi-Ji‘s change is pretty substantial. In Legion, the high duration caused the spell to begin to overheal more and more as it neared the end, simply because most healing was done and anything it was healing was usually covered by other healers. Changing it to more impactful healing in a tighter window allows it to have a niche in periods of a fight where Refreshing Jade Wind wouldn’t be effective, like Coven in Antorus.

Ring of Peace and Essence Well changes are largely inconsequential. The loss of duration on Ring of Peace may be to tone down overall CC we’d be able to put out, and Essence Well‘s name change is just funny.

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