This week’s build brought some slight retuning of abilities.

Changes This Build

  • Renewing Mist healing reduced from 175% Spell power over its duration to 140% Spell power.
  • Renewing Mist mana cast reduced from 3.0% mana per cast to 2.8% mana per cast.
  • Soothing Mist healing reduced from 360% Spell power over its duration to 320% Spell power.
  • Vivify targeted heal reduced from 120% Spell power to 105% Spell power.
  • Vivify heal on Renewing Mist targets reduced from 80% Spell power to 70% Spell power.
  • Vivify mana cost increased from 3.2% mana per cast to 3.5% mana per cast.


All this build really does is punish Mistweaver’s dungeon healing. The Vivify changes were half expected since it was brought in at the time that Uplifting Trance was removed and Renewing Mist was given another charge. The Renewing Mist and Soothing Mist changes aren’t strong enough to shake anything up in terms of spell priority since you cast mainly cast each spell for a reason other than their healing. Renewing Mist for Vivify healing and Soothing Mist as a vehicle for Enveloping Mist and Vivify casts to be funneled into a single target. However, they are fairly strange in that they hadn’t really been an overpowered spell like Vivify had been since the last build.

In terms of raid healing, however, this build throws a bit of a wrench into kickweaving, the talent build that revolves around Spirit of the Crane and Rising Mist. If you’re in a situation where Refreshing Jade Wind looks appealing, you’re likely to just not worry about casting Renewing Mist on cooldown and go all in on Player-Based AoE healing (PBAoE) with Essence Font, Refreshing Jade Wind, and Rising Sun Kick healing via Rising Mist and just fill with damage to regain mana through Spirit of the Crane, dumping mana through Vivify on any target low enough that they’re in danger of dying.