Our favorite time of the build cycle has come around again, class changes. This time it is something to be excited about as we have changes to Mistweaver and oh boy do we have a lot of changes. So lets get into what has all happened this time around.


  • Enveloping Mist increased healing to 237.6% sp from 216% sp (10% buff)
  • Life Cocoon increase to 60% of max hp from 55% of max hp (9% buff)
  • Renewing Mist decreased mana cost to 2500 from 2800 and increase healing to 161% sp from 140% sp (11% mana reduction and 15% buff)
  • Revival increased healing to 225% sp from 200% sp (12.5% buff)
  • Vivify increased direct healing to 101% sp from 95% sp and cleave healing to 74% sp from 70% sp (6.3% buff to direct healing and 5.7% buff to cleave healing)
  • Devout Spirit increase healing and critical strike chance no longer applies to cleave of Vivify.


This is more or less an aura boost without effecting Essence Font and Refreshing Jade Wind which is something we needed. They do result in about a 2.5-3% boost in hp for the standard Upwelling build and a whopping 3-4% boost to the Rising Mist build (shout out to Voulk for the math). The boost in Vivify, Renewing Mist, and Enveloping Mist are very large for mythic plus as these are your 3 most used healing spells. The only downfall of this build is the nerf to Devout Spirits as it was looking to be one of our best minors but with them reducing it down to only the main target it has lost much of it’s value. Overall these changes are a good step in the right direction even if we are nerfed directly with the devout spirit change.