This week Blizzard released a new wave of 9.1 changes and they include a fair amount of Mistweaver buffs and NO NERFS! 

Changes This Build


Speculation Zone

Core spells changes

The Enveloping Mist change is very nice and allows us to use it more freely in Mythic+ and not destroy our Mana bar whenever we press Yu’lon. This will save you 200 Mana per cast of Enveloping mist. The damage changes amount to about a 6-7% increase in damage on a single target and a nice 10% healing increase for ATotM healing as well. The Revival changes are very welcomed and no matter how you slice them, even if you have no Mastery from any sources, they are a straight up buff. This change can turn Revival into a quite potent 3 minute cooldown. It also means that our Mastery-related conduits, Resplendent Mist and Jade Bond, will increase Revival’s power and reduce Chi-ji’s cooldown more than in 9.0.5, respectfully. In addition to this, spells and effects like Bonedust Brew, Weapons of Order and Essence Font’s hot will also increase Revival’s power. This change to Revival generally increases the value of Mastery rating for us. This also gives us the ability to determine when we want to Essence Font based on the type of damage coming. If the incoming damage event is a singular big hit then cast Essence Font before damage hits is going to be better but if its more pulse/rot damage then casting Essence Font after damage would be better. Here is a graph representing the difference between old and new Revival


New Legendaries

This patch also brought along 4 new legendaries which are always exciting even if they are locked behind a specific covenant. The good news is as it looks right now you won’t need to swap to another covenant for a legendary. 


First up is Bountiful Brew, this makes it so your abilities have a random chance to throw out a Bonedust Brew at the target’s location. You can assume about 1.25 extra Bonedust Brews a minute which do proc Lead by Example but as they are random it’s not too amazing. Basically anything and everything can proc this from hot ticks to dps abilities. 


Then we have the lovely Call to Arms which makes it so when you cast Weapons of Order you get the Celestial you have talented for 12 seconds. This is a nice effect, but will make you deplete your Mana bar even quicker if you’re using Yu’lon. If there are any fights where we need an additional cooldown every 2 minutes this could be good. In Mythic+ this legendary has more potential, allowing you to get more uptime on Chi-ji and potentially detach Weapons of Order from the Chi-ji cast itself. It still won’t beat ATotM or ToM in raids.

Night Fae

Next we got Faeline Harmony which doubles the chance to reset Faeline Stomp and increase healing by 8% to people healed by it. Even though you will be able to cast Faeline Stomp more often it doesn’t outweigh the fact you are losing ATotM.


Lastly we have everyone’s favorite and most overhyped legendary, Sinister Teachings, which will reduce the cooldown on Fallen Order by 3 seconds whenever you critically strike or heal while you have a Fallen Order Clone active (this can only happen once every .75 seconds). We can get 27 seconds of uptime on this, which means we can theoretically shave an insane 108 seconds off the cooldown. However, due to the fact we can’t force a crit every .75 seconds, we will get much less cooldown reduction in practice even with a massive amount of HoTs out. We should see somewhere closer to 50-60 second of CDR in practice based on current testing. While it’s a massive increase to Fallen Order’s power it is still far behind ATotM

Whereas these legendaries seem pretty interesting and sort of powerful, with current tuning, they won’t really see use over our current legendaries and are more of a second legendary option when we can wear two.