Windwalker Leveling Guide


This guide is meant to help players to level from 1-70 with as much ease as possible. This will be largely aimed at leveling through questing, as leveling through dungeons is less nuanced and should be sufficiently handled by the PvE Guide.

This will not be a perfectly optimized guide for every level, but a guideline for people who are looking for one. Feel free to switch up whatever you wish.


Why Windwalker

Windwalker is, arguably, the best spec in the game for leveling. It has a high mix of movement, defensives, and crushing DPS potential. With good use of Afterlife orbs, Windwalker is nearly unkillable and can zip from target to target with insane speed. Windwalker can feel a little squishy if you’re not using all of the control and defensive tools, but if that’s the case then its you need to either use those tools or pull slower.



  • Liberally use  Blackout Kick so that you have  Afterlife orbs to heal you.
  • Try to be attentive to where the  Afterlife orbs are so you don’t walk over one unless you need the healing.
  • You have many defensives, how and when you use them will depend on what you’re fighting.
  • Don’t be afraid to  Roll out and run away.
  • Keep a close eye on  Touch of Death and use when it when you most need it.
  • Don’t over pull or do more than you are capable of. It can very quickly become overwhelming if you bite off more than you can chew.
  • Keeping yourself healed with  Expel Harm and alive trumps any and all value of DPS buttons.
  • Pull with Chi Wave, Chi Burst, Crackling Jade Lightning, or Provoke.
  • LEVEL IN WARMODE!!! Turbo Fists, Alpha Tiger, and Reverse Harm make leveling significantly faster



  1. Keep Chi up with Expel Harm
  2. Pull things
  3. Leg Sweep
  4. Tiger Palm if you need Chi
  5. Strike of the Windlord
  6. Fists of Fury everything
  7. If its still alive then prioritize Rising Sun Kick for one target, or a big target, Spinning Crane Kick for multiple targets


Talent Path

(S) = Spec Tree     (C) = Class Tree

Levels 10-20

Level 10 (C) – Tiger’s Lust
Level 11 (S) – Fists of Fury
Level 12 (C) – Calming Presence
Level 13 (S) – Touch of Karma
Level 14 (C) – Soothing Mist
Level 15 (S) – Power Strikes
Level 16 (C) – Improved Roll
Level 17 (S) – Open Palm Strikes
Level 18 (C) – Vigorous Expulsion
Level 19 (S) – Glory of the Dawn
Level 20 (C) – Paralysis


Levels 21-30

Level 21 (S) – Flashing Fists
Level 22 (C) – Ferocity of Xuen
Level 23 (S) – Flashing Fists
Level 24 (C) – Ferocity of Xuen
Level 25 (S) – Flying Serpent Kick
Level 26 (C) – Spear Hand Strike
Level 27 (S) – Serenity
Level 28 (C) – Chi Torpedo
Level 29 (S) – Strike of the Windlord
Level 30 (C) – Fast Feet


Levels 31-40

Level 31 (S) – Thunderfist
Level 32 (C) – Fast Feet
Level 33 (S) – Widening Whirl
Level 34 (C) – Improved Touch of Death
Level 35 (S) – Mark of the Crane
Level 36 (C) – Vivacious Vivification
Level 37 (S) – Shadowboxing Treads
Level 38 (C) – Chi Wave
Level 39 (S) – Dance of Chi-Ji
Level 40 (C) – Profound Rebuttal


Levels 41-50

Level 41 (S) – Forbidden Technique
Level 42 (C) – Transcendence
Level 43 (S) – Meridian Strikes
Level 44 (C) – Ring of Peace
Level 45 (S) – Spiritual Focus
Level 46 (C) – Eye of the Tiger
Level 47 (S) – Teachings of the Monastery
Level 48 (C) – Improved Paralysis
Level 49 (S) – Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger
Level 50 (C) – Fatal Touch


Levels 51-60

Level 51 (S) – Xuen’s Bond
Level 52 (C) – Fatal Touch
Level 53 (S) – Fatal Flying Guillotine
Level 54 (C) – Hasty Provocation
Level 55 (S) – Xuen’s Battlegear
Level 56 (C) – Fortifying Brew
Level 57 (S) – Skyreach
Level 58 (C) – Expeditious Fortification
Level 59 (S) – Invoker’s Delight
Level 60 (C) – Strength of Spirit


Levels 61-70

Level 61 (S) – Empowered Tiger Lightning
Level 62 (C) – Resonant Fists
Level 63 (S) – Ascension
Level 64 (C) – Close to Heart
Level 65 (S) – Transfer the Power
Level 66 (C) – Close to Heart
Level 67 (S) – Crane Vortex
Level 68 (C) – Improved Vivify
Level 69 (S) – Crane Vortex
Level 70 (C) – Improved Vivify