Say what you want about the state of the game, but things have been slow for the past few months. There hasn’t been any class changes since March 12th, there are no Monks in Classic, so nothing to talk about there, 8.2 is still more than a month away and is void of Windwalker spec changes, and Essences are still in flux, so any discussion or work to figure them out could be rendered obsolete quickly.

Because of all this, and a general lack of disappointment in my own performance in-game, there hasn’t been much content on this site for Windwalker, save JFunk’s thoughts on the state of Windwalker. I had started a series where I was going through ways to improve the spec, and got as far as outlining how Blizzard could balance the Level 15 and Level 45 talents. I do plan on continuing that series, as well as addressing the thread on Reddit that I started where I’ll discuss people’s suggestions and how realistic they are.

However, in the meantime, I was able to finish our guide for Advanced Tricks that you can do as a Windwalker to truly get the most out of the spec with some tricks that you may not have known about. Hopefully this helps you eek out a bit more damage. As more things pop up, we’ll add them to the list.



We have gone through some rounds of ticket sales, so now is the time to look toward the actual convention in November. This will be the first year that I will be attending, and have opened a GoFundMe to help cover the cost if you are able to help.

For the past few years we’ve sold apparel so that people can have something to wear at events like Blizzcon and to help support the site and its creators. I’ve gone through and scaled down what we have offered to simple examples of each kind of apparel that we have available to sell. If there is a type of apparel that is available, but with a different style, such as a large log on the front, or no logo on the back. Just send Babylonius a message on Discord and I’ll add it to the list of what we have available for everyone to purchase. Click here for all we currently have available.