This week Blizzard released some of the patch notes for 8.3 which include changes to mistweaver. These changes are not bringing mistweaver into the limelight sadly but they do effect some interesting talents/spells.

Changes This Build

  • Rising Mist  – Healing increased by 30% and HoT effects increased by 3 seconds
  • Life Cocoon – Now absorbs for 55% of your hp instead of 1100% Spellpower
  • Rising Sun Kick – Restored -20% aura while increasing Attack Power ratio
  • Blackout Kick – Restored -9% aura while increasing Attack Power Ratio 


As of right now nothing has changed for us. Rising mists buff was a nice thought but not nearly enough for it to even compete with Upwelling. The increased healing ratio is hardly adding any healing and the increased hot time is an interesting idea but not good for our spec as all of the hots you normally cast are not strong enough. The Life Cocoon change is nice as its a good way of making the spell scale evenly throughout the expansion. The Rising Sun Kick and Blackout Kick changes are not important as the decreased aura and increased ratio basically cancel each other out.

TLDR: Life Cocoon now will scale through the expansion now but outside of that nothing important happened.