Everything on this page is subject to change at any point due to theorycrafting, tuning, or us simply missing something or discovering something new that we didn’t know before. React to this information on your own volition.

If there is anything that you feel was missed in this guide, that is because it is best done through the tools on Raidbots once 9.1 comes out.




What this means


Currently, Kyrian will remain the strongest Covenant for general purposes, single target or burst damage, raiding, and PvP. Night Fae and Necrolord will be viable options for players who want to focus on AOE or sustained damage and Mythic+, however both will likely fall behind Kyrian in high Mythic+ that are organized and strategized around large bursts of damage.

Realistically, due to the relative difficulty of maximizing Weapons of Order compared to Bonedust Brew or Faeline Stomp, many players will see better performance as Necrolord or Night Fae over Kyrian. The gap between these three covenants is close enough that player skill will make the difference. Do not delude yourself by picking a Covenant that you’re not skilled in, costing yourself damage.

Kyrian players may be switching between Mikanikos and Pelagos at max Renown depending on the content; Mikanikos for single target and Pelagos for AOE. This is something that will just come down to “sim it” for your character and where you’re at with Renown and gear.



Reminder: You will not be able to craft any new legendaries until 48 renown, which will take 3 or 4 weeks into 9.1.


If you are using Invoker’s Delight, or any of the new legendaries, you’ll want to craft them in a non-Domination slot:


Domination Gems

For more information on how this new system works, check out the wowhead page for it: https://www.wowhead.com/guides/shards-of-domination-overview-effects-sockets-rune-word-set-bonuses

All classes want all 5 Domination slots. For Windwalker you want these gems:

This will give you access to the Unholy set bonus:

Chaos Bane – While inside the Maw or Torghast, your spells and abilities have a chance to drain a Soul Fragment from your target, granting you 10 Primary stat for 30 sec and stacking up to 15 times. When you reach 15 stacks, unleash Chaos Bane, dealing 1500 Shadow damage split between nearby enemies and granting you 300 Primary stat for 15 sec.

You’ll want to upgrade Shard of DyzShard of Zed, and Shard of Oth equally before moving on to Shard of Cor and then Shard of Bek and Shard of Kyr.


Everything Else

There’s no other changes to any aspect of Windwalkers other than what is above. Damage should be fine, low in pure single target but high in AOE.

If there is anything that you feel was missed in this guide, that is because it is best done through the tools on Raidbots once 9.1 comes out.