Before we jump into this article I want to preface it with a disclaimer that all information is subject to change as we are still in the PTR cycle. With that out of the way, let’s jump into the article.



Hooray! Hooray! Blizzard has gone and done it. They have brought tiersets back after great demand but what does this mean for us? Whatever is our tierset? How does it work? Well let’s get into it then!

Two Piece Bonus

Blizzard Tooltip:
Grandiose FontEssence Font‘s residual healing effect is increased by 5% and lasts an additional 2 sec.

Actual Tooltip:
All Essence Font Hot healing is increased by 5% as well as the hot lasting 2 additional seconds.

How does it work:
There are two parts here: Essence Font healing increase and hot duration increase, let’s break them both down.

Essence Font healing increase:
This is actually super boring and is just a flat 5% on its hot healing. Nothing more nothing less… 🙁

Hot duration increase:
This is slightly less boring but still not exciting. This is a 2 second addition to Essence Font Hot’s duration which can be extended by Rising Mist making Essence Font Hot last up to 20 seconds.

How Strong is this:
Very underwhelming. It’s around a 1% increase is HPS at best and uninteractive even when factoring in Rising Mist.
Basically non-existent. It will never be something to think or worry about.

Four Piece Bonus

Blizzard Tooltip:
Tea of the Grand Upwelling – Drinking Thunder Focus Tea summons a Progenitor Rune of Healing, increasing all healing dealt while inside its bounds by 123.

Actual Tooltip:
Drinking Thunder Focus Tea summons a Rune, while standing in this rune all your healing is increased by 450. This rune has a 10 yard radius 

How does it work:
This actually works in an interesting way compared to other additive heals. This boost gets added before any multipliers get added in meaning things like crits/vers/conduits etc all boost it.
So for the math people the equation for a heal looks like (sp * spell’s sp coefficient + 450) * multipliers.
When you press Thunder Focus Tea it will spawn a rune under your feet but the graphic is far smaller than the true radius of the buff. You have a fair bit of wiggle room before you actually get out of the rune.

Here is a google sheet I’m updating roughly weekly with all the spells that DO and DON’T work with the tierset. 

Since this does work with the vast majority of healing events it will push the idea of Quantity of events over Quality meaning things like Refreshing Jade Wind, Chi Burst, Rising Mist become top tier by a sizable amount.
One downside since the healing amount is a flat amount and doesn’t scale with intellect it will get relatively weaker over time.
Since it’s on press of Thunder Focus Tea and not buff consumption this means there is no interaction with Focus Thunder.

How Strong is this:
Decently powerful. This is a sizable increase to our already overwhelming HPS. This might seem unneeded but doing more HPS means other healers can focus more on damage or utility which is an overall net positive in the raid. 

Meh. This is again a sizable increase but due to mythic plus having different requirements than raid it is much less desirable. Typically in keys you’re looking more for damage than anything else which this doesn’t directly provide.

Legendary Combos

There are not many actually interesting legendary combos. The vast majority of legendaries are either too weak or have no synergy meaning you can just more or less think of them as independent from each other. With the forced nature of the covenant legendary and the lack of interactions I find it easier to think of these as a tier list.


  1. Ancient Teachings of the Monastery
  2. Yu’lon’s Whisper
  3. Invokers Delight ( this is a dark horse that can spike up in value if you find a fight where you need a billion healing during your celestial)
  4. Clouded Focus
  5. Tear of Morning


  1. Ancient Teachings of the Monastery
  2. Tear of Morning
  3. Invokers Delight
  4. Clouded Focus
  5. Fatal Touch

Notable Sadness

Call to Arms and Invokers Delight: Sadly there is no synergy here. When you press Weapons of Order it will summon a Celestial just like normal but you will not get the Haste buff from Invokers Delight.


Which Covenant Should I be?

With the changes to SiT and BDB the covenant battle has gotten much close.
As it currently stands Necrolord has taken the top spot with Venthyr hot on its heels.
Night Fae is a very interesting covenant, but has a few major downfalls such as mana and target selection that really hold it back.
Kyrian gets the short end of the stick and falls to last place. This is due to the covenant legendary being very weak when not getting drowned in innervates or running Chi-ji, along with the ability being underwhelming in comparison to the other options.


  • 2022-02-08 – Guide updated to account for SiT nerfs and BDB buffs on 2022-02-02
  • 2022-01-24 – Guide was created